Audit My SEO - A Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis

A Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis In 2022. SEO competitor analysis means analyzing the search engine optimization strategies that your competitors are practicing. In order to rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP). This includes solving their backlinks, content strategy, on-page SEO strategies, off-page SEO strategies, and other SEO tactics. This helps to find unique search engine optimization possibilities that you may have not yet considered for yourself.


How frequently should you conduct Competitor Analysis?


Search engine optimization competitor analysis can usually be overwhelming due to the mere efforts that go into it. It´s not a one-day job and needs some time to research and come up with a good strategy. 


To save a lot of time and hard work, we would suggest performing search engine optimization competitor analysis quarterly. You can stick to a time structure that best suits your requirements. 


Why is Competitor Analysis Important?


Audit My SEO - A Guide to SEO Competitor AnalysisCompetitor analysis in search engine optimization helps you in taking a more in-depth look at your industry as a full. And in finding the gaps in the industry that you can fill. You can choose where your competitors stand, analogize it to where your website stands, and leverage the data collected to drive your company. Your website might even be ranking in the top 3 results on the search engine results page for the most appropriate keywords. But you will always have a site trying to gauge your ranking. And take over it by capitalizing on the flaws in your site.


When considering how to conduct competitor analysis, it´s vital to choose the precise takeaway you’re looking for. You can do competitor analysis in SEO for various objectives. Like designing a proper roadmap to decide what your competitors are doing better than you. Perhaps they’re on featured snippets on a search result or have a better community. These things can only be known through a complete analysis of your rivals. 


Ways to find your SEO Competitors


To begin search engine optimization competitor research, we first need to be mindful of our real competitors. You most probably already know who your competitors are in the industry in offline marketing. But when it comes to search engine optimization, chances are that your competitors won’t be the same. 


Here’s how you can find your correct SEO competitors


Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

The Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the best option for discovering SEO competitors. First of all, determine the keywords that you want to rank on search engines. Now explore these keywords on Google. The websites that are ranking on the first page of the search engine result page are your competitors. You might detect some redundant competitors ranking for most of your queries. These are the ones you need to keep a tight eye on. Create a list of such 7-10 competitors, according to your choice.


By using Tools


Audit My SEO - A Guide to SEO Competitor AnalysisBesides Google SERP, which is a manual method. You can also use detailed specialized Search engine optimization tools for discovering your competitors. Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs are worthy tools that you can use


Types of SEO Competitor Analysis


We have combined some vital competitor analysis methods to help you boost your SEO results:


Keyword Gap Analysis


Keywords Gap Analysis is a process that involves researching the keywords for which your competitors rank on search engines. The main idea here is to look out for keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but your website isn’t. So, create a list of such keywords and align your search engine optimization strategy concentrating on these keywords. To accomplish this activity, you can use a tool such as SEMRush.


Once you create a list of keywords that your competitors are ranked for. There are a few things you must do going forward.


  • Why your web pages are not ranking for these keywords on search engines?
  • Are you targeting these main keywords in your Search Engine Optimization strategy?
  • What are your DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) as compared to your competitors?
  • Do they have a backlink strategy for these main keywords?


Content Gap Analysis


Content Gap Analysis is a technique that applies the study of various types of content that your competition upload on their websites. This will give you an understanding of how to prepare your content plan. 


Here are some things you need to look out for: 


Word Count


You can use various tools for like Screaming Frog to find the word count of your competitor’s web pages. In SEO, content is the king, and most frequently long-form content serves the best. Keep an eye on the word count of the content that your competitors are uploading on a website. Your goal should be to write content that´s equal to or greater than your competitors’ blog length.


Audit My SEO - A Guide to SEO Competitor AnalysisUniqueness


Just scraping your competitor’s website content and adding it to your web page won’t help. You might end up getting punished by Google for this awful attempt. You can take a view from your competitors to find your content topics. But you need to produce unique quality content.


Forms of content


Inspect whether your competitors use different content generation types, such as videos, photos, or infographics. Google is just thrilled when website owners go out of their way to deliver a satisfactory user experience. 


Backlink Gap Analysis


Backlink gap Analysis is a method that implicates the study of competitors’ backlinks to decide how strong their backlink profile is. It, also known as link gap analysis, is a basic competitor analysis process. Then, if your competitor’s website has a top-quality backlink, ranking-exceeding them may be challenging.


Website Architecture Analysis


Website Architecture plays an important role in your website’s rankings on search engines as well as user experience. From the website design layout to the CTA’s, all contribute towards gaining conversions. If your competitors’ website has a more pleasing design and UI, they´re more likely to serve better in all parts of the digital marketing funnel. 


Google SERP Analysis


Understanding the Google Search engine result page and its results for your keywords is incredibly essential. So, enter your emphasis keywords in the search bar and watch the search results.




We all like to defeat our competitors in search engine rankings. But, before accomplishing that, you need to have a clear idea of what you are up against. As a result, this makes competitor analysis an essential part of any search engine optimization strategy. Once you understand your competition, you can combine your SEO movements and efforts towards doing better than your competitors.


Conducting competitor analysis allows you to discover concealed Search engine optimization techniques you might not have got before.


It also emphasizes the areas of SEO that you require to work upon. So, we hope this comprehensive guide enables you to perform a beneficial SEO competitor analysis.

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