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A Guide To Content Sharing In SEO. Writing and publishing blogs or articles on your website is not good enough. You have to share your content. Writing and publishing blogs or articles on your website is vital to generating qualified traffic. However, content is everywhere, and it’s insanely competitive. In a month, over 70 million blog posts get published. So you have to play differently. With mainstream outlets like Medium, you should share your content on industry or niche platforms to get some eyeballs. The more places you share it, the wider the message will spread. 


On vs. Off-Page SEO


On-page SEO


When we talk about Search Engine Optimization(SEO), more commonly than not, we’re talking about on-page or on-site page tactics. These methods are carried out on a site that optimizes individual pages, ranking higher. On-page covers everything from content and keyword ordering to HTML source codes and your website structure.


Off-Page SEO


Off-page methods happen on websites besides your own. These are external actions that grow the ranking of your website in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Off-page is simply building links to your site on other websites to most people.


The Value of Off-Page SEO


Content sharing forms the base of any good off-page tactics. Link Baiting and paid placements also play a vital role, but activities like actively engaging in community forums, guest posts, and niche directories are the key to off-page SEO.


They are also where the value lies. You’re not just placing links to your site. You’re establishing yourself and your brand as a thought-leader, growing brand awareness, confidence, and market share.


Content Sharing


Content sharing might be excellent for off-page SEO techniques, but it is also a cornerstone of content marketing. There are several ways to get your brand recognized, generate external backlinks, and promote your products. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • Guest Posting: Offering content to relevant blogs and industry publications allows you to place links and introduce your brand to a new audience.
  • Social Bookmarking: It’s easy to get content published on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. They’re regularly updated as well, so search engines adore them.
  • Photo Sharing: Not appropriate for all paid brands, but if you have a visual audience, photo-sharing websites like Flickr and Photobucket are an excellent option to get backlinks and get your brand noticed.
  • Video Marketing: Nowadays, video marketing is a trend to watch. Like photo sharing, you can post promotion content to websites like YouTube and Vimeo to grow brand awareness and boost off-page SEO.


These channels are also excellent for establishing yourself (and your brand) as a scholarly resource. Find out the best type of content to publish and how to make the most of your content marketing strategy with AuditMySEO. 


1. Medium


Medium allows you to republish your existing blogs. You can also use Medium to increase traffic to the full blog posts on your site. In the tactic DrumUp uses, they post snippets of full blog posts on Medium and then direct users to read the entire article on their website.


If you don’t like to syndicate the entire text of your blogs, this can be a tactic to try.


If you’re receiving good traction on Medium, you could blend it by adding an occasional exclusive Medium article after you created your readership.  


2. Reddit


Reddit is a good platform to share your content. But it needs to be done in the right way. Redditors are very conscious of brands attempting to ‘spam’ other subreddits with their content. So it usually happens that a few employees with active Reddit accounts occasionally share company blog posts once or twice a month. Articles should be carefully chosen and should provide real value to the users.  


Audit My SEO - Content3. LinkedIn Articles


Like Medium, LinkedIn allows you to syndicate blog posts on your LinkedIn profile as LinkedIn articles.


Though these pieces don’t automatically add canonical links, according to research, Google doesn’t consider these as duplicate content.


This will help you build a strong subscriber base on LinkedIn. Users can choose to subscribe to the posts, meaning they will get a notification when the users publish something new. This alert system gives an edge over other platforms. 


4. Email


Promoting your content through email is an old but strong tactic. Email subscribers are much more loyal to your brand. They are 3.9x more likely to share your content than visitors from other sources. Email clicks are higher than the CTR on social media posts. According to Campaign Monitor, you are 6x more likely to get a click from an email than from a sent tweet. 


Success of content sharing on social media is highly dependent on what works best for your schedule and your users. It’s worthwhile to experiment to check what gets the most clicks. 


Some companies or writers like to send out a new email every time a new post is published. And others wait for the week or month to end to send a newsletter of updates and the latest published posts. 


Audit My SEO - Content5. BizSugar


This community is for business owners and marketers who are interested in discussing growth and growth-hacking topics. It has online events, free groups, and resources for their users, like goal setting templates. 




This is a bit different format, but users have the option to up-or down-vote content about WordPress. 


7. Dzone


The discussion board of Dzone has over 1 million developers who share content and links in many more areas like coding, cloud computing, etc. 


Audit My SEO - Content8. Twitter Brand Accounts


If your articles resonate with your brand, consider adding your article to your sharing list for your Twitter brand accounts. You also can schedule the article to be posted multiple times in a few months. 


9. Twitter Personal Accounts


Content on Twitter moves fast, so it is more sensible to share your article on Twitter. You should share the article in such a way on Twitter that you don’t overwhelm your audience. 


10. Twitter Chats


For a more targeted audience, search for industry-related Twitter chats and use their hashtags at the time of sharing really high-quality content. Make sure you don’t spam the chat hashtag with every piece of content you write. When the regular Twitter chats aren’t going on, popular marketing hashtags like #SEOChat and #twittersmarter get active.


11. Personal Page on Facebook


This one seems obvious to you, but it is a place that many people forget. Create a Facebook list for your co-workers. For example, it will help you find a step-by-step PPC guide.


12. Brand Facebook Page 


It is also obvious, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Take a quote from your content, make sure your image displays correctly and send it out. You should also check it is relevant to your audience. 


13. Facebook Groups


As many users have their Facebook account and are active in their personal time, targeting the Facebook groups is a great option. You should join a few industry-related groups and share your best content once a month. You should make sure you stay active as a member of the chat or group by contributing genuinely to the group. 


Audit My SEO -White Label14. SlideShare


Creating really good content is a time-consuming process. Make a presentation in SlideShare to get the mileage out of your content. You can change the format of your content to reach a wider audience.


15. Quora


Quora is the internet’s most popular question-and-answer website. Users ask a question, and users answer that question. It’s simple. When as a business owner, you know what kind of questions customers are asking, and you ready a detailed blog post to answer it, then it becomes a great opportunity. Knowing your audience’s problem gives you a great idea for content that will drive traffic to your site. You have to personally answer a potential customer’s question while offering a handy link to your blog’s detailed explanation. 


16. Growth Hackers


Business seeks growth. Growth Hackers is an online community of user-generated content that offers insights on any topic that can be done to increase your company’s size, revenue, customer base, lead generation, etc. Every article is detailed and gives insights to the industries. 


17. Flipboard


Flipboard is an app that integrates the internet into nice digestible bite-size blocks. They share content from every major publication, and target people who are looking for it. You create an account and post content which will drive traffic directly to your blog. With this, you can keep track of industry insights, and even your own social media feeds. It has a simplistic interface, backed by some serious clout. 


18. Scoop.It


With two million monthly users, Scoop can boast organic traffic. It is a great place for marketers. It offers content curation software that helps marketers find authoritative content that can be shared easily on social media. You can hope that others will see your content and share it with their followers. It is a great way to develop a new topic based on what’s trending. 


Audit My SEO - Enterprise19. Listly


It is another great content curation tool out on the market. With a web application and official IOS app, it makes creating lists of content simple. 


Once you create your list, you can publish them to your audience. You can cast a vote on the items on your list. It provides you with more insight into what your audience values at the moment. 


20. Business2Community


For professionally driven content distribution, this site is a leader. It is a community of thought leaders, writers, marketers, etc. They share their insights and news under one roof. It is also a great place for in-depth and expert opinions on very specific business topics. 




Audit My SEO - ContentWhen you become a valued member of an online platform, you not only share content.


You’ll be much more likely to build strong relationships and become part of a supportive community that shares each other’s links.


Sites like Medium and LinkedIn have allowed us to share our content and get it seen by many people.


But we shouldn’t take advantage of that by sharing low-quality, uninteresting content.



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