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How to Use Google Autocomplete for Boosting SEO. Google Autocomplete is one of the most essential tools you could have in your search engine optimization strategy. And many other search engine optimization professionals have been taking advantage of it for years. The Google search box helps millions of people every second across the world. And, it has certainly revolutionized the way of browsing things on the internet. The autocomplete search is something that is admired in the search engine optimization community. Is also used in many various and special ways by SEO professionals and digital marketers across the globe.


Analyzing user intent, glancing at the most searched for terms, and finding popular keywords. Those are just common ways Google’s autosuggest feature helps digital professionals. 


While you may be thinking that Google autocomplete is only suggested for basic goals of examining the internet. There is a lot more to it that you can’t even think of. This complete guide on Google Autocomplete and how it can be leveraged to grow your search engine optimization will let you know how big a deal this tool is. Let´s get going! 



What Is Google Autocomplete?


Audit My SEO - Google AutocompleteThis feature was designed by Google search. To make it quicker for users to meet their search terms as they type in the search bar. This component is incorporated into almost all places like the little search box on smartphones, Google´s homepage, the address bar of Chrome, and many more. An analysis published by Google claimed that Google search suggestions save more than 200 years of typing time every day!


While the main purpose of Google Autocomplete is to save time spent by users to type their search queries with smart predictions, there are many other reasonable ways to leverage this component to your advantage.


It also gives a hand to online businesses in lots of ways. Like suggesting effective keywords, content ideas, ORM (online reputation management), analyzing competitors, and many more options. The portion of data-driven tasks one can bring out with Google autocomplete is staggering. And it has been proven to be one of the most helpful tools of the 21st century.


How Google Autocomplete works


Search engine Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter over time with more processing and predictive abilities.


It defines its forecasts based on the user’s search history with real searches happening worldwide.


Then, it shows the most familiar and trending web pages on search engine result pages.


Based on the characters in the search query along with additional elements such as user location.


Do the suggestions change country-wise? 


In many cases, yes. Google search suggestions track the users based on their geographical location. For example, if you are in the USA and you typed “best cafes in” in the Google search box, it will show autocomplete suggestions on nearby places. 


Audit My SEO - Google AutocompleteDo Google Autocomplete suggestions change language-wise?


Google search autocomplete suggestions also show based on what language you type in the Google search box. If you have selected a default language in your Google account, the autocomplete suggestions will be in that language.


Google Autocomplete Guidelines


The autocomplete suggestions come with some tough policies that don´t allow specific things to be displayed for users. Search terms including the following material will be available to autocomplete:


  • Brutality, violence, or gore
  • Sexually graphic or offensive terms
  • Hate speech or terms that encourage violence
  • Dangerous terms that can lead to life-threatening or harmful conditions for humans and animals


How to Use Google Autocomplete for Boosting SEO?


  1. Keyword Research


Keyword research is the foundation on which all SEO strategies are based. Targeting unequivocal keywords is something that you develop over some time. And, related ideas and keywords have become similarly vital to zero in on.


Google autocomplete is a good place to begin your keyword research. You can use it alongside instruments like Google Keyword Planner to gather new content ideas. And get an outline of the right keywords to target. You can take every one of the famous outcomes from the autocomplete ideas of your search terms. Then, at that point, you can check their month-to-month search volume, CPC rates, rivalry, and a lot more.


Google autocomplete can help you in keyword research by revealing good quality, famous long-tail search terms. Since autocomplete ideas consider fame as one of the key elements, you can find numerous significant keyword ideas and ideas from this component.


This feature holds an important spot with regards to looking into related search terms and producing keyword ideas. It can nudge you the correct way to assist start with offing your keyword research process. It can even assist you in refining your current SEO strategies. By providing you with an outline of the most recent patterns under the designated keywords. This can help you in refreshing your current strategies to produce far better outcomes after some time.


  1. Define User Intent


Audit My SEO - Google AutocompleteTo drive organic traffic to your website, you really should understand your users’ intent. The information, format, plans, and media you put on your website must be intelligent of the search terms you’re targeting.


Fulfilling user intent can assist you with helping your rankings dependent on search terms pertinent to your page. One way you can accomplish this is by using Google autocomplete. You can find the most searched for queries under your designated keywords to understand the totality of the user´s intent. Keywords frequently cross over with various kinds of user intents and without the context of keywords, it would be very difficult to gather what users need.


It´s critical to fulfill the intent of the users across all stages. And autocomplete can provide you with an all-encompassing perspective to decide these stages.


  1. Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Online Reputation Management is also a huge component that autocomplete can assist you with driving on the digital space. At whatever point users are searching for a brand name, it should appear on the autocomplete idea. Before even the SERP loads. This is an indicator that the brand is authoritative or very big.


One more thing here is that autocomplete ideas that appear after your brand name should be positive. On the off chance that you´re searching “X vehicle sales center” and the autocomplete idea completes it with “being scrutinized”, it will leave an exceptionally wrong impression on the user. And they in all probability would not visit the business or even their site.


As a result, you should adjust any unfortunate underlying meanings related to your brand name, so they don’t show up on autocomplete ideas.


  1. Finding keywords for Local SEO


Local SEO takes a gigantic part of location-based businesses and brands. What’s more, autocomplete ideas have a big part in directing people to local searches. 


For instance, if you´re searching for a café in Mumbai, autocomplete would consider search factors. Like region name, postal division, neighborhoods, and city name to rank the outcomes. Google autocomplete will in a flash tell you what sort of local searches are happening for cafés in Mumbai. 


Once you look into the outcomes for this search term, you will see which ones have their local SEO optimized appropriately. Because they´ll appear on the first page. Autocomplete will also show ideas of tourist spots or neighborhoods that are related to the search question. All of it to give you keyword ideas.


It may appear simple to figure the most well-known local keywords by partnering the city name with your administration. In any case, Google autocomplete is an incredible asset to find some more which can help you rank much higher for local search queries.


Creating a User-Friendly Website


An expected 2.14 billion individuals shop online in 2021. Ecommerce has turned into the greatest fascination for clients, and it keeps growing and growing. Furthermore, with everyone competing online, businesses should use everything in their power to stand out.


Google autocomplete can help you find the most moving and well-known search terms to focus on in your SEO system. On the other hand, you additionally need to guarantee that your website is user-friendly and offers value to the guests. For example, assuming your eCommerce site sells travel extras, it´s essential to make it as simple to navigate as possible.


Google autocomplete can help you in refining your website these ways:


  • Find the most famous classifications to guarantee the greeting pages for those classifications are forward-thinking and responsive.
  • Find the most well-known brands for the items you are selling. Assuming you are an online website store for men’s shoes, then, at that point, Google autocomplete can assist you with finding the most well-known brand on the niche to show at the highest point of your search result to draw in more guests.


Audit My SEO - Types of SEOContent Ideas


While Google autocomplete gives incredible ideas for finding long-tail keywords and terms, it´s likewise an extraordinary hotspot for finding FAQs. And related search queries from users.


Because of this, it can prove to be a fundamental tool for finding new content ideas for your website.


Since autocomplete ideas are well known, creating content on those ideas can get you high organic traffic to your website. You can use autocomplete ideas to flood your website’s FAQs page with good quality content for the most searched queries on the search motor.


Time to Put Google Autocomplete to Work!


Audit My SEO -Featured SnippetsGoogle autocomplete can prove to be an extraordinary resource.


Especially for SEO professionals, digital marketers, and all businesses hoping to refine their website’s SEO and rankings.


Since you realize everything that you can do with this feature, the time has come to invest some energy into it. And, leverage it for your full potential benefit.

So, reach out to a setup SEO organization like BluCactus to uncover the upsides of this astounding element. And to harvest extraordinary results.

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