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Featured Snippets: Types of Featured Snippets and Why are they Important. If you´re a marketing head for a small firm or business, you know the following. That optimizing your material to bring traffic to your site can be a big deal.  


Without a proper strategy, it can be tough for even quality content to rank at the result page´s top. But, luckily, there are some ways you can make your chance of getting noticed better.


Also, there is a consistent race amongst online marketers to be the number one on SERPs (search engine result pages). But then, Featured Snippet was introduced in January 2014, where Google added a new place and named it zero position. If you don’t know much about it, don’t worry, we´ll teach you everything about Feature snippets on this post.


What are Featured Snippets?


Audit My SEO -Featured SnippetsA Featured Snippet is a straightforward result aiming to answer the searcher query right away. Without them having to click through to a precise result on the search engine result page.


They choose the answer from the top-ranking pages on the search engine result page (SERP).


And is shown in a block above the first organic result and after the paid ads. 


A featured snippet is found right above the first organic search engine results, it is also called a zero position. Now, here is how Google determines Featured Snippets.


What are the types of Featured Snippets?


Featured snippets are not the same size fits all. There are not many types that Google and other major search engines like (Yahoo!, Bing) use. They rely on the type of information a user is searching for on a search engine. 


The Paragraph or The Definition Box:


This one is known as The Paragraph snippet. Which provides the user with a momentary practical definition or a brief bit of knowledge on a topic.


This result appears in a paragraph format on the result page and it sometimes comes with a multimedia result. The Paragraph Featured Snippet is generally used to respond to who, when, why, and what types of queries.


List Type Featured Snippet


The list type of Featured Snippet answers your query in a bullet sort of format. This is more organized as the ordered list and unordered list.


You can use a list to rank items, show the steps of a method, or determine different products. They show this type of featured snippet as bulleted lists on the search engine result pages. They directly answer the user on the SERP. 


Audit My SEO -Featured SnippetsTable Type Featured Snippet


Table Featured Snippets will pop up mostly for questions that show content containing multiple elements. Like years, prices, rates, or any other information available in numerical format.  


Video Featured Snippet


There is no clear policy or guideline yet on how Google chooses a video for featured snippets. But some research shows that the video needs to have a transcription that is readable by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool. You can also connect a separate non-transcription article or a detailed description of the video on YouTube with it. Try using appropriate keywords in the audio of the video clip and be clear and loud. This will help Google understand the video´s purpose and match it with the user’s query to show the video.


How to Optimize for Featured Snippets?


Great SEO and information


The search engines choose The Featured Snippet from the first 10 positioning websites. Along these lines, you first need to improve your website, so it appears on the best 10 results for a search query. Also, you need a decent understanding of the different kinds of Featured Snippets to know how to highlight them.


Use Structured Data Markup


Using Structured Data Markup helps the internet searcher get your website better. This can boost your chances to rank on the Featured Snippet.


Here is the thing that John Mueller said about the utilization of organized markup:


“Independently, you’re generally free to utilize organized data to give better machine-comprehensible context to your pages. Which may not generally result in visible changes, however, can, in any case, assist our frameworks with showing your pages for relevant queries.”


Use a Question-Answer design


We have seen that most searches that get in position zero are in a question format. Using this setting helps Google understand the importance of your content concerning the client’s query. And beyond that, it can assist you with positioning in the Featured Snippet.


Use basic and exact language while answering


Continuously use straightforward language when you are attempting to answer a client’s query. Make sure to stick to the point and condense your answer into 50-60 words. Try not to add your opinion to the answer and concentrate on the facts.


Use H2 or H3 tags in your content


Utilizing H2 or H3 tags can let Google understand your content better. They remember the request for items for a list of steps of an interaction that you might be describing. And maybe, they´ll get you in the zero position for a specific query. As a result, this is important when you need to rank in a list-type featured bit for a query.


For instance:


A food formula or an interaction to do an undertaking.


Upgrade your content for long-tail keywords


We already know that featured snippets do show up for questions kind of queries and long-tail keywords, we recommend you use target keywords with questions. Besides, SEMrush says, prepositions, comparisons, and different keywords alike to help get featured in a Featured Snippet. You can use AHREFs tools to recognize opportunities for a featured piece. Focus on your keywords with questions like “what”, “why”, and so on. You can go to the ‘Individuals additionally ask’ section on a SERP to look for relevant long-tail queries.


Using High-Quality Images


As indicated by a concentrate by SEMrush, Featured Snippets utilize high-quality images with proper alt text. Along these lines, remember to work on your alt texts for the images.


Contender Analysis Always Helps


Do a thorough analysis of your competition for your keywords and check how your rivals are doing in the Featured Snippet. Do a nitty-gritty analysis of their content, on-page SEO specialized SEO, and backlinks and streamline your website to supplant them.




Audit My SEO -Featured SnippetsFeatured Snippets can be a bonanza of free traffic on the off chance that you improve your website for them.


That´s after sufficiently getting what the client is looking for. Just follow the steps we told you about in this guide and you’ll surely see the magic on SERP


So, feel free to make use of the tips above to see how it works for yourself.


Let us know in the comment section below!

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