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Types Of SEO: 9 Different Types of SEO in 2022. Before getting started with the types of search engine optimization, let’s first learn what Search Engine Optimization is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it´s a method to improve the user traction on your website. This is done by ranking better on the Google result page for keywords or search phrases within your field. Read more further on What is search engine optimization to get more insights.


In this article, we´ll describe 7 different types of SEO to you. And how they are crucial to planning your organic search strategy to rank higher in search listings amongst your competitors.


Types of SEO in Digital Marketing 


Audit My SEO - Types of SEOWhite Hat SEO: Useful & Relevant content, Keywords research, Earning links from High Authority Websites.

Black Hat SEO: Keywords stuffing, Spammy or Paid Links Building, Cloaking.

Grey Hat SEO: Clickbait content, Paid reviews, Links Exchange Between Sites.

Negative SEO: Negative Reviews on Online Forums, Low-quality Links.

On-Page SEO: High-Quality Content, Proper URL Structure, ALT image tag.

Off-Page SEO: Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Positive Reviews on Online Forums.

Technical SEO: XML Sitemap, Crawling and Indexing, Structured Data.


White-Hat SEO


Audit My SEO - Types of SEOWhite-hat SEO is a term that refers to all the SEO techniques which function by Google’s search engine guidelines. Although one needs to be patient to see results, they are sustainable and create positive goodwill around your brand. Also, there is no risk of your website getting banned or bumped down on the search engine results page. Even if there is a new algorithm update. All in all, white-hat SEO is low-risk and has high rewards if you do it right. 


White hat SEO strategies concentrate on giving readers Useful & Relevant content that optimizes users´ experience. Instead of using more spammy techniques, like plagiarism content that’s only optimized for search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing).


Audit My SEO - Types of SEOBlack-Hat SEO


This one is the exact opposite of white-hat search engine optimization. It finds and takes advantage of several loopholes in Google’s search algorithm to rank higher on the result pages.


Black-Hat SEO does not hold to thesearch engine’s list of search engine optimization dos and don’ts. And resorts to spammy link-building methods, keyword stuffing, different content to bots/crawlers and humans (called cloaking), etc. to get ahead.


Black-hat SEO can get your website on the blacklist or drop in the ranking so it´s better to avoid it. 


9 Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid


  • Keyword Stuffing 
  • Duplicate Content
  • Hidden Text
  • Doorway/Gateway Pages
  • Cloaking
  • Paid/Manipulative Links
  • Misused Structured Data and Rich Snippets
  • Misleading Redirects
  • Negative SEO


Grey-Hat SEO


Grey-hat search engine optimization tactics are common in SEO companies. Because of clients asking for fast results they fall in between white and black hat SEO in terms of approach.


Even though Google’s webmaster guidelines don´t specifically say that such methods are banned, they´re still lowered on the search results. Examples of this type of SEO include clickbait content, exciting yet common and of no value to the user. And, unnecessary and unusual link exchange between websites paid reviews, among other things. Again, it is best to stay far away from such secretive SEO tactics.


Audit My SEO - Types of SEOOff-Page SEO


Off-page SEO alludes to all you do outside of your site to get an element higher up in Google’s SERPs.


It´s about working for external positioning variables like structure links from confided in locales in a similar area as you.


Besides fruitful web-based media promoting, having customers give you a positive review on different web-based discussions, and so on. If you need to find out about it, you can go look at our itemized post on off-page SEO techniques.


Local SEO


One of the fundamental sorts of SEO is through local businesses. A huge number of businesses expect customers to visit their actual areas, even though many operate altogether on the web. You won’t bring in any cash if customers don’t come in the entryway. 


The better you present the content to web search tools, the most certain they will show it to likely customers. Adding a region or city for your content, page titles alike, descriptions, and catchphrases, and showing awards and trust. Also putting up pictures for the guests can assist you with changing over local leads into paying customers more proficiently. 


And if your customers have a positive experience with your image, they will refer it to other people.


Mobile SEO


The process of advancing a site for web crawlers while also guaranteeing that it´s flawlessly responsive on mobile gadgets like cell phones and tablets is known as mobile SEO. 


A negative mobile experience with a brand can wind down a likely client for good. This kind of SEO is fundamental. Since it lets you contact your customers at the perfect time and perfectly positioned, giving them the best experience conceivable. Mobile improvement helps you with dissecting your site’s plan, structure, page speed, and other critical elements. All of that to guarantee mobile guests are not turned away by any place of information.


Ecommerce SEO


The process of advancing web-based stores of businesses is eCommerce SEO.


Ecommerce SEO incorporates all parts of the SEO pattern of the horizon. This is a real business that expects you to bring in cash and sell products while growing them in the long run. Millions of questions are addressed each day via web crawlers, a significant number of which are identified with eCommerce.


Ecommerce SEO gives you a hand inexpanding your traffic and positioning your site.


International SEO


Developing your site to drive organic traffic from various regions and languages is the objective of international SEO. 


You should allow your target crowd to make buys in their monetary forms and their language. And you should address them properly in their social setting to do international SEO the right way. 


On the off chance that you list dates and times, make sure you use the right organization for their area. Address them in their local tongue in case they have any worries. The goal of international SEO is to give your target crowd a positive experience on your site.

Content SEO


Audit My SEO - Surefire SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2022If you have been indiscriminately creating content, just hoping that some of it will rank, let me tell you something. Today is the day to commit to a more coordinated content SEO strategy. Certainly, Content SEO works best when the content is great and streamlined to rank high in web crawlers. 


It will draw in internet searcher traffic and proficiently get to the targets. The general goal of content SEO is to make SEO-accommodating content that web crawlers comprehend. Meanwhile, fulfilling the client’s goal and keeping them happy at the same time. Regarding content SEO, it’s key that upgrading your current content fosters a strategy that fits best for you.


Audit My SEO - Types of SEOConclusion:


There you have the most important types of SEO that can either make or break your website in 2022. If you follow the right type of SEO, then you will surely see good results within 3 to 6 months.


And if you follow negative or unethical SEO practices then Google will take negative action against your site. 


So, make sure that you follow all the Google guidelines while making an SEO strategy for any of your upcoming websites or project. 

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