Audit My SEO - Can We Rank On Google Forever?

Can We Rank On Google Forever?. While fabricating your business and building your web-based presence, you have a long plan for the day. One of the most significant parts of your web-based presence is something that can never be checked off as complete: SEO. While you can finish things that add to your progress in SERPs (search motor outcomes page), you’re never really done with SEO… mainly to remain at the top.


Here, we will investigate why a continuous SEO administration is vital to the outcome of your organization, why SEO is never “done,” and why you can’t anticipate remaining at the top of search results forever.


What Is SEO, and Why Is it So Important?


Audit My SEO - Can We Rank On Google Forever?SEO is also called Search Engine Optimization. Organic SEO is a practice that makes it possible for your website will occur toward the top of search results in significant search engines like Google and Bing.


Why is it important to rank? According to Forbes, more than 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of results when using the search engine Google. Moreover, you may think you bypass this issue entirely by purchasing paid ads. However, according to User-Centric, 70% of users skip paid ads and go straight for organic results.    


What does this mean for your business? Using the Search engine optimization technique to get your business to the top of the results page is crucial to bringing web traffic to your site without paid ads.


This may sound like a one-time task, but it is one part of your marketing that will need continuous monitoring and changes.


SEO is an investment in your business and helps ensure your website performs as well as it can. Keeping it in top shape needs constant analysis and changes on the website. For example, you may find that one of your web pages is not performing as well as others on your website. Ongoing SEO services will help you strategize how to increase engagement on that page instead of letting it sit on your site.


Can We Stay at the Top of Google Forever?


Short answer: NO! Mainly if you don’t continually work on SEO.


Think of it as going to the gym: you hit the gym for more than a year and get in great shape. Then you stop to go to the gym. You’ll probably gradually lose the muscle you worked to build and regain the weight you worked to lose. 


SEO is the same as a gym. As long as you’re putting effort into it, you will see results. But you will slowly lose your rankings when you stop working on it.


This is where SEO professionals/specialists can benefit your company. In addition to doing a combination of SEO activities, they can also look at your analytics to decide what’s bringing traffic and conversions and what might bring more.


There are two primary reasons Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing marketing activity:


Audit My SEO - Can We Rank On Google Forever?1. The Marketplace Evolves


The marketplace is not a static thing.


Your competitors are constantly changing their strategies.


If your SEO is based on keywords at the moment of creation and you don’t revisit it for years (or ever), you might eventually see your competitors outranking you.


Keeping a close eye on your analytics section will help you make the right changes to keep yourself ahead of the pack.


2. Search Engine Algorithms Updating


Anyone with even the most simple experience with search engines like Google knows they are always looking for ways to enhance user experience.


According to SEJ (Search Engine Journal), Google changes its algorithms 550-600 a year.


Most of these minor changes, but can significantly change search results.

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