Audit My SEO - An Ultimate Guide to the Google Panda Update

An Ultimate Guide to the Google Panda Update. Google Panda first launched in February 2011 as part of Google’s quest to remove black hat SEO techniques and web spam. At the time, user complaints about the increasing influence of “content farms” had grown extremely.   Why Google Created Panda   In 2010, the falling quality […]

Audit My SEO - How Google RankBrain Algorithm Update

How Google RankBrain Algorithm Update. RankBrain update tries to understand the user intent of the long tail keywords searched by the user and provides exact results. SEO experts should approve the Search Machine by developing page content to rank on the search result. And it is very much necessary to analyze the positive and the […]

Audit My SEO - Top 5 Common Technical SEO Mistakes

Top 5 Common Technical SEO Mistakes. Experts asked the SEO community to analyze the day-to-day technical problems that can adversely affect your site’s search rankings. After all, successful SEO is one-third on-page optimization, one-third off-page optimization that includes backlinks, and a third clean website structure that is free of technical flaws, according to the experts.  […]

Audit My SEO - A Complete Guide on Google Autocomplete for SEO

A Complete Guide on Google Autocomplete for SEO. Though Google Autocomplete is known to be controversial, it has a powerful search feature. While typing a word or even a letter into Google, it occupies a list of search recommendations. That’s what autocomplete is all about.   We have seen from various surveys that SEO professionals, […]

Audit My SEO - How To Integrate Successful SEO With Digital Marketing Strategies

How To Integrate Successful SEO With Other Digital Marketing Strategies. In today’s digital world, most people know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important if you aim to have a successful online business. Placing strategically chosen keywords with the desired content can potentially improve your web presence globally. Also, you need to understand that knowing […]