Audit My SEO - Fashion Industry

SEO For Fashion Industry Are you planning to attract more people for your fashion brand online? If so, then you have to do search engine optimization (SEO) for fashion eCommerce in which more leads will connect with your brand. SEO will help you present your beautifully designed clothing to fashion-loving people who will buy your […]

301 vs 302 redirection in SEO

301 vs 302 redirection in SEO. For those non-technical, a 301 and 302 redirect sounds foreign. In this article, we’ll be discussing what a 301 and 302 redirect is, how it impacts SEO, and how we can use it.   Redirect means “to direct (someone or something) to a different place or by a different […]

Audit My SEO -Domains

Expired Domains And SEO In 2022. Why Should You Use Expired Domains? Using expired domains is an excellent way to enhance your backlink profile and SEO. Many search engine optimization experts use this top strategy. Building backlinks is challenging work, and using expired domains is a very effective way to help achieve high-quality backlinks and […]

Audit My SEO - digital marketing

The emergence of digital marketing trends after COVID. The pandemic upended lives and livelihoods worldwide, forcing consumers and businesses to adopt new digital behaviors. Homebound shoppers abandoned ingrained shopping habits, propelling eCommerce into overdrive and compressing a decade of digital adoption into 100 days. Companies reacted to the digital-first marketplace by quickly pivoting and innovating […]

Audit My SEO -Penalty

How To Deal With Google Penalty. Google is very serious about its ranking algorithm, constantly updating its algorithms to provide the best search results for users. This also means penalizing web pages or websites that break Google’s Webmaster Policies.    You can incur a Google penalty by intentionally practicing black hat search engine optimization, inadvertently […]