Audit My SEO - 15 Best YouTube SEO Tools [Updated List of 2022]

15 Best YouTube SEO Tools [Updated List of 2022] Are you looking for the best YouTube SEO tools for 2022 If yes, then we have got you covered. YouTube is a great platform to share videos, make money, and create an online community. However, managing a YouTube channel is not that easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools. So, if you are looking for free and paid YouTube SEO tools, read this blog post till the end.


  • Tubebuddy


Tubebuddy is rated as the no 1 YouTube channel management tool. It is one of the most advanced tools that allow you to do YouTube SEO, keyword research, bulk processing, data management, research, Video SEO, and more.


The tool will also guide you through the best practices of YouTube to rank higher in YouTube searches and get more views and subscribers.


It also allows you to integrate YouTube with other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make your video promotion easy.


To date, over 3 million YouTube content creators are using this tool. So, if you seriously want to take your YouTube SEO game to the next level, Tubebuddy is the tool you should be using.


  • Google Keyword Planner


The next in this list of YouTube SEO tools is the Google Keyword Planner. If you are into SEO or paid ads, you might be familiar with YouTube SEO. 


You already know the importance of keywords for your YouTube video content strategy. If you want to rank higher in YouTube search, you must target the right keywords.


This is where Google Keywords Planner comes into play.


Just enter a board keyword and this handy tool will suggest you a plethora of keywords to target. 


We agree this tool is best suitable for a paid ads strategy. However, you can also try hands-on using this tool for YouTube SEO. 


  • Keyword Tool IO


Next to Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool IO is yet another YouTube SEO tool for doing keyword research. 


Google Keyword Planner will give you keyword search volume and difficulty score, but what if you want more insightful data about keywords?


Keyword Tool IO is a more advanced YouTube keyword research tool that gives accurate data. Along with that, it also suggests hashtags, prepositions, and questions-related keywords.


The only downside of this tool is that it is a paid tool.


The basic plan of this tool starts from $69 and goes up to $159 per month. As compared to other paid YouTube SEO tools for keyword research, Keyword Tool IO is the cheapest in the market.


  • Google Trends


If you want to create massive engagement on your YouTube channel, then you need to make videos on hot and trending topics in your niche. This is where Google Trends come into play.


If you want to know which is the most trending topic in your niche, then start exploring Google Trends.


Just enter the keyword in your niche on this tool and it will show the people’s interest in that keyword over a period. If the trend is constant and does not have many ups and downs, then you can think of creating a video around that keyword.


The tool also allows you to do the comparison of two keywords which will further help in deciding on the topic you should make your videos on.


  • Tubics


Audit My SEO - 15 Best YouTube SEO Tools [Updated List of 2022]Want to grow your YouTube channel?


Do you want more subscribers and views?


If yes, then start using Tubics. This is a perfect YouTube SEO tool that will save your time and take your channel to new heights.


The tool also gives you ideas for YouTube videos that will give you more views, subscribers, and brand awareness. Each video idea also includes competitors’ insights, key data points, and other metrics to track.


You can also use this tool to get a detailed summary of your competitor’s channel, just like this.


Moreover; It also allows you to do an A/B test of your thumbnail and check which thumbnail image will give more clicks and views. So, if you are seriously hunting for the all-in-one YouTube SEO, Tubics should be your choice.


  • YouTube Analytics


When talking about the best YouTube SEO tools, this list cannot be complete without mentioning YouTube Analytics. This tool will give you key insights about your YouTube channel.


It shows data points on your views, subscriber, watch time, who is watching your videos, and a lot more. It also shows your reach, engagement, audience overview, and a lot more.


The best part about this tool is that it is completely free of cost.


  • Rank Tracker from Link Assistant


Do you want to track the rankings of your YouTube videos?


If yes, then start using the Rank Tracker tool from Link Assistant. 


This tool has a plethora of features in its bucket. From keyword research to rank tracking, to keyword gap, getting content ideas, and a lot more. The best part of this tool is that it gives unlimited keywords and reports. 


You can also use this tool to monitor your competitor’s video ranking and get a detailed analysis of their YouTube channel.


Apart from YouTube SEO, you can also use this tool for website SEO and grow your organic traffic and rankings on SERP. 


  • Awario


Audit My SEO - 15 Best YouTube SEO Tools [Updated List of 2022]The next on this list of YouTube SEO tools is Awario. This is a social media listening and monitoring app that allows users to listen to their audience, start a discussion, and improve their brand awareness.


You can also use this tool for YouTube SEO.


It will help you in finding YouTube influencers and analyzing competitors so that you can stay on top of your brand mentions with YouTube monitoring. You can also use this tool and discover what people are talking about your brand and YouTube channel.


This tool also takes analytics to the next level by giving data on the following metrics:


  • Changes in reach and number of your YouTube mentions.
  • Audience sentiments behind each mention.
  • Location and language of your brand mention.
  • Words are mostly used along with your YouTube channel.


Such exciting features make this YouTube SEO tool apart from others in the market.


  • Canva


Of course, creating good video content is important. But what is more important is creating eye-catchy thumbnails so that your click-through rate can improve as well as views.


YouTube thumbnails act as a backbone for your YouTube channel. It can either make or break your videos. Hence, it is of utmost importance to create eye-catchy, appealing, and captivating thumbnail images.


And when it comes to creating thumbnail images for YouTube videos, Canva is the best tool.


One can also use this tool with ZERO knowledge of designing and editing. Its easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop elements make it extremely user-friendly. 


It also has tons of pre-created thumbnail images in various niches so that you can save time.


  • YouTube Autosuggest


Looking for a free keyword research tool for YouTube SEO?


Why don’t you try YouTube Autosuggest?


YouTube Autosuggest features tons of keyword ideas that you can incorporate into your video content. The keyword ideas it gives have decent search volume, as people are searching for these keywords every now and then.


You just need to enter your keyword in the YouTube search box and wait for 2 seconds. Within this time, YouTube will suggest keywords that are closely related to your targeted keyword.


  • Rapid Tags


Adding tags on YouTube videos can help you in growing the reach, views, and engagement of your videos. However, it is important to include the right tags in your videos so you can get good results.


Rapid Tags is a YouTube tag generator tool that is designed especially to generate YouTube SEO tags so that you can get more views, reach and subscribers for your channel.


Just enter your main keyword in the search box and this tool will give you tons of free tags.


Suggested tags can also be used as hashtags for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 


  • YouTube Studio


Do you want to learn how to start your YouTube channel and make videos?


Do you want to learn about YouTube algorithms?


If yes, then follow YouTube Studio. 


YouTube Studio will give you an overview of your channel. As a video content creator, YouTube Studio will give you access to a new dashboard for important news, more powerful analytics with real-time metrics, comment filters, and much more.


It also has actionable guides and articles on how you can make your videos more compelling.


  • Open Shot


Audit My SEO - Is SEO Really Dead In 2022stCreating videos is one part and editing is another. 


Open Shot is a free open source video editing software that will allow you to create videos with exciting video effects, titles, audio tracks, and a lot more. 


The tool is simple and easy to use and also can be integrated with Apple, Windows, Linux, and Chrome.


Among the tool features are trim and slice, video effect, audio waveforms, and much more.



  • Clipchamp


If you are looking for the next-level YouTube video editing software, then Clipchamp is the one you should use. This is an all-in-one video editing tool that can be used as a video editor, compressor, converter, and webcam recorder to create beautiful videos today.


Nearly 13 million video creators are using this tool.


So, if you want to make stunning videos and edit them like a pro and start using Clipchamp.


  • Camtasia


Many times you might want to show something in your video by recording your laptop or computer screen.


This is especially true if you are running an educational YouTube channel.


Camtasia is the best screen recording tool that saves your time and allows you to record your screen and make videos at ease.


Yes, it is a paid tool, but it is worth every penny you spend on buying it.


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