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14 Best YouTube Channel For SEO Experts. Are you a blogger or SEO expert, and looking for some advanced tips and tricks on a range of topics? If yes, then we have got you covered. We have compiled a list of top YouTube channels that every blogger and SEO expert must follow in 2022. The list consists of top email marketing channels, digital marketing channels, and social media and SEO YouTube channels as well.


So, without further ado, let’s start.


  • Neil Patel


14 Best YouTube Channel For SEO ExpertsNo matter what your background is, Neil Patel’s YouTube channel will walk you through search engine optimization techniques that are used to rank websites on Google, increase organic traffic and make more backlinks.


Everyone knows Neil Patel as an industry leader, hence it makes sense to follow his YouTube channel.


If you are into SEO for a long time, then you might know link building is the strongest factor for ranking high on Google. Unfortunately, most widely-used methods suck. 


Neil Patel and his videos on link building will take you through new powerful techniques that won’t get you in hot water with Google. 


  • Brian Dean


The next on this list of best YouTube channels for SEO experts is Brian Dean. If you are serious about learning SEO tactics that give proven results in 2022, then start following Brian Dean’s YouTube channel.


His YouTube channel is all about actionable SEO, link building, and content marketing strategies you can use to grow your business or blogging website in general.


If you follow his techniques and strategies step-by-step, then no one, absolutely no one, can stop you from ranking on the first page of Google


So, if you want to take your SEO game to the level of awesomeness, then start following this YouTube channel.


  • The Income School


Do you want to learn a safe & effective SEO strategy that works in 2022? 


Real search engine optimization where you build 100% white-hat backlinks to catapult your site to the top of the SERPs? 


An SEO plan without the risk of a Google slap or penalty?


If your answer to the above three questions is yes, then The Income School is the place to be at. On this YouTube channel, you’ll not only learn about SEO but overall blogging in general.


On this YouTube channel, Jim and Ricky share their secrets of creating niche websites and making tons of money. 


  • Craig Campbell


With so many algorithm changes taking place at Google, you might wonder how it is possible to rank a website on Google. If you think so, then don’t worry, as Craig Campbell is here to help you out.


On his YouTube channel, Craig shares actionable SEO and link-building tips that will help in ranking your site on top of Google.


Many SEO experts think that black hat SEO is risky and dangerous. However, Craig will teach you how to leverage black hat SEO techniques without penalizing your site.


Apart from this, Craig also conducts webinars with top SEO experts and bloggers as well.


  • Harsh Agrawal


14 Best YouTube Channel For SEO ExpertsIf you are looking for an Indian YouTube channel for SEO, then subscribe to Harsh Agrawal. Harsh is a top-rated Indian blogger who is making 6 figures income via blogging. He has been into blogging and SEO space since 2008. 


Hence, it makes sense to follow his YouTube channel.


Apart from SEO, Harsh also creates videos about blogging, WordPress, making money online, and a lot more.


The best thing about this YouTube channel is that all videos are made in simple English language which is easy to understand, especially for Indians.


  • Bloggers Passion


Next to Harsh Agrawal, Bloggers Passion from Anil Agrawal is yet another YouTube channel you can follow in order to learn SEO, blogging, making money online, affiliate marketing, and many other related tips.


Anil Agrawal is also one of the top-rated Indian bloggers and making thousands of dollars via blogging.


Most of these YouTube videos revolve around SEO, blogging, and affiliate marketing. Recently, he uploaded a video on 7 SEO hacks to rank your website on Google.


  • Ahref


If you don’t know what “SEO” stands for or what a “backlink” is, then start following Ahref’s YouTube channel. This YouTube channel will teach you everything about SEO


There are no advanced ninja tricks here but simply talk about the basics of what SEO is and how you can best use it without spending a fortune.


The channel has tons of videos related to on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, blogger outreach, digital marketing, and a lot more.


Each of the videos on Ahref’s YouTube channel contains practical tips and advice.


  • SEMrush


Next to Ahref, SEMrush is another great YouTube channel to follow to learn SEO, blogging, digital marketing, and a lot more. Since SEMrush is a well-known SEO tool in the industry, it makes sense to follow their YouTube channel in 2022.


Most of their YouTube videos are in webinar format where an expert from various industry niches shares their insightful knowledge.


Apart from this, SEMrush also uploads videos about Google updates, changes in the algorithm, and a lot more.


  • Spyfu


14 Best YouTube Channel For SEO ExpertsThis is a very resourceful YouTube for Search Engine Optimization. I got this YouTube channel through my friend who is currently working in a top-rated digital marketing company in India.


Although this YouTube channel does not have many videos on SEO, you can surely take some lessons from a few of their videos.


For example;


The channel has got videos on keyword research, link-building, PPC keywords, SEO tips, and tricks for YouTube which are very interesting and insightful.


  • Search Engine Land


Now here comes the best YouTube channel for every SEO expert or newbie. In fact, I personally follow this channel and have learned a lot from it. That’s why I have mentioned it in this list of the 14 best YouTube channels for SEO experts.


The goal of this channel is simple: to show you how to build and grow a successful SEO strategy for your business website, blog or client’s website. 


Unlike other YouTube channels on the subject, Search Engine Land’s YouTube channel is uncluttered and concise to ensure that you’ll take away something valuable every single time you watch any of their videos, whether it’s for five minutes at breakfast, half an hour on your commute, or all day at the weekend.


  • WPbegginer


14 Best YouTube Channel For SEO ExpertsWPbeginner is your one-stop guide to understanding and implementing SEO techniques and strategies that work. 


Apart from SEO, this YouTube channel takes you from digital marketing strategy to channels to tactics to tools to measurement to prioritization – giving you a strong foundation in how to use digital marketing to grow your business, brand, or organization. 


There are also tons of videos related to blogging, WordPress, making money online, and a lot more on WPbeginner.



  • Website Learners


The next top-notch resource for SEO experts on YouTube is Website leaders, a YouTube channel that is all about making WordPress websites and ranking them on Google.


Since the goal of this channel is to make building websites simpler & easier for everyone, they really upload some amazing videos related to website creation and SEO.


That’s the reason why they have a huge subscriber base of 700k+ people.


  • WSCubeTech


WSCubeTech is one of the top IT companies in India.


They are known for offering SEO, development, designing, and digital marketing-related services across the globe.


Apart from SEO, they have got a never-ending playlist of Google ads, and WordPress.


Website development and designing, digital marketing, and blogging on their YouTube channel.


  • Moz 


14 Best YouTube Channel For SEO ExpertsThe next in this list of YouTube channels for SEO experts is Moz. Moz is a well-known brand in the SEO industry. It started out as a blogging website and turned into a top-rated SEO tool.


Moz also has its own YouTube, where Rand Fishkin, a top-notch SEO expert and founder of Moz, explains various SEO concepts on whiteboard. 


Each of his videos is worth watching every second.


He shares a tremendous amount of SEO knowledge that will surely take your website to the next level.

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