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10+ Best Ways To Promote Your Blog And Grow SEO Traffic. Every blogger wants to drive as much traffic to their website. As a blogger, you also want to do the same thing for your website, Right?. However, with evidence indicating that thousand and millions of blogs are being published every day, For high traffic, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to how you can promote your blogs. 


Luckily, there are many clever ways to stimulate your WordPress blog in 2022. 


Read on to find out how to promote your blog effectively in 2022. This guide contains plenty of information and tips you won’t find elsewhere. Let’s get begun!


How to promote your blog


Sponsor a podcast


A podcast is one of the best mediums for enjoying the content on the go. You can listen to those podcasts through various well-known platforms, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and even YouTube. It is now a mainstream media channel and more than 116 million Americans listen to podcasts every month. 


With the massive audience, podcasts give you the perfect opportunity to connect with new readers. Even better, there are lots of other ways to get implicated with this platform.


When it comes to seeing these opportunities, you might check out a best podcast’s website for more details. On the other hand, most podcasters are actively searching for partners through Social media.


Benefits of a podcast


  • Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume.
  • Podcasting is a time-efficient form of communication.
  • Podcasts are portable.
  •  Podcasts make information personal.

Speak at events


A blog may be digital and you can also promote your blog in person. You can connect with your potential new reader’s in-person events or virtual conferences.


How can find those events? Using social media can be a great way to find appropriate events. For this, you may want to join Facebook, LinkedIn, or Slack community that is relevant to your blog’s topic. 


There are even websites that especially elevate events, such as the Meetup website.


Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogCreate a Blog Alliance


A Blog Alliance means making friends with other bloggers. With the help of various Facebook communities or forums, you can find bloggers. The best platform for search bloggers is LinkedIn. 


Once you form an alliance, you can discuss many topics related to blogs like the writing style, hiring, tools that use, products, and newsletters.


You can discuss strategies that help your blogs to rank on Google Search Engine Result Pages


Use Social Currency


Among different social media sharing modules, there are those which permit you to “charge” your site guests for content with a simple like, tweet, follow, or share from your preferred social network. This strategy works well when you offer downloadable content on your website, for example, an agenda, a PDF, a short e-book, or something almost identical.


Offer Generous Affiliate Commissions


A great approach to helping your site traffic and deals simultaneously is by making an affiliate program with liberal commissions.


The explanation this works well is on the grounds that your affiliates are assuming control over a portion of the advancement load by sharing the word about your product and pointing individuals back to your site to make the real buy.


With this strategy, you stand to gain a ton of new traffic and followers for all your current and future products down the line.


Answer a HARO Query


HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and it fills in as an obtaining administration in the English-speaking world, associating writers with relevant expert sources to fulfill columnists’ requesting time constraints and empower brands to recount their accounts. Noting a pitch just requires a couple of moments, and prompts great PR, top notch inbound connections, just as reference traffic to your site.


Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogUse Guest Blogging


Notwithstanding what many individuals say, guest blogging isn’t dead. In any case, there is a correct way and the incorrect method for making it happen. Guest posting on sites that are irrelevant to your niche isn’t just totally pointless yet should be visible as guest posting only for getting backlinks. All things being equal, center around contributing quality posts to power websites that are relevant to your blog’s subject and specialized topic and use it as a chance to establish yourself as a powerhouse.


In the meantime, consider permitting guest posting on your own website also. Not exclusively does that decrease the heap of continually making new content without help from anyone else, it likewise opens up your blog to another crowd.


Simple Traffic is a website traffic supplier that vows to convey genuine guests to your website (or affiliate interface). They use guest sending programming to redirect guests from different websites and old space names they own to your website in return for cash from you. That works like PTC publicizing with Google, Facebook, and Bing.




Facebook allows you the opportunity to compose somewhat more regarding your extravagant new blog post. Try not to get carried away, however, and recall that an attractive image is consistently the most appealing thing about a Facebook post. Leave hashtags to a base here.




Knowing how to promote a blog post on Tumblr implies mastering the interactive media experience. GIFs, text posts, photographs and videos all excel on Tumblr. Notwithstanding, this isn’t similar to Twitter, where you’re posting into a public space. The key is taking advantage of Tumblr’s novel, very close local area. You can’t be an outcast on Tumblr; you must be essential for the family.




Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogThe middle Instagram client is an 18-29 year old person, who procures under £22,000 per year, has some type of instructive capability past secondary school, and lives in the city.


While all that is maybe interesting, how treats educate you regarding the kind of content which you should post on Instagram?


It doesn’t actually let you know anything. Rather, the most effective way to sort out what to present on Instagram is to seriously investigate it. Instagram is about the image.


Make it brilliant, striking and delightful, and don’t be hesitant to hashtag. You can never hashtag a lot on Instagram, so track down every one of the relevant and well known ones and simply pull out all the stops.


Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogPinterest


Moderate photos and all around made blog title graphics are gigantically shareable.


Assuming you’re expounding on a subject that finds a place with the famous themes of Pinterest (for example Do-It-Yourself projects, vintage style, inside plan), these graphics are the way forward. Canva is a free, marvelous apparatus that even non-planners can use to great effect.




LinkedIn has skyrocketed to fame in reason years and become the spot to post business-related blog content. To figure out how to promote a blog post on LinkedIn, you want to figure out how to regard the considerably more formal and refined feel of this social media network. LinkedIn’s clients will generally be more seasoned, more well off experts and the entire network has a proper reality to it, which simply doesn’t exist on some other social media channel.


Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogAll things considered, an investigation of 10 million articles shared on LinkedIn by Buzzsumo uncovered numerous things. For one’s purposes, LinkedIn clients enjoyed features of around 10 words (rather than the 15-word features which improve on Facebook). This is maybe in light of the fact that they are lashed for time such that the normal Facebook client isn’t.


As such, time is cash. In this way, come to your meaningful conclusion on LinkedIn and hurry up and smart.


LinkedIn’s clients also lean toward phrases in their features which wouldn’t watch awkward in the Economist, the Financial Times, or the Wall Street Journal, (for example, “The Future of… “, “How to Make… “, “Why You Should… “) than they would be in BuzzFeed or the Daily Mail, (for example, “… Will Make You Cry”, “… And People Are Freaking Out!”).



Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogReddit sometimes it gets an awful standing, but on the other hand it’s a great website perfectly located.


LinkedIn’s clients, posting joins on Reddit is certainly not something simple. Redditors, all around, are against advancement of any sort. However, notwithstanding their aversion, Reddit is a great spot to post since individuals go there explicitly to learn/read things.


To avoid the anger of Redditors, Be sure to post in the right Subreddits and to follow the right Reddiquette. Make certain to draw in with a Subreddit and Reddit in general prior to posting there. For some Subreddits, past commitment with a Subreddit or Reddit in general prior to posting is an unquestionable requirement.


All of this work is worth the effort. Reddit is probably the best spot to make something become a web sensation and it’s additionally a greatly undiscovered asset, so use it wisely. Draw in with your Reddit post however much as could reasonably be expected and it’ll go far.




Audit My SEO - Promote Your BlogTrust this article has helped you how to effectively expand your blog traffic to an advantageous point. I recommend you use however much of my recommendation as could reasonably be expected. Keep in mind, to promote a young blog you should bend over backward. At this stage, you contribute a ton of your time and inventiveness.


Assuming you actually have questions connected with how to promote your blog, write in the remarks. In the following articles on the most proficient method to begin a blog, I will enlighten you regarding other blogging tips to build blog traffic, Resources with free images, and more regarding blog post SEO. Keep in contact!



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