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Best SEO Podcast For 2022 And Beyond. Following a detailed review and vetting process, we have hand-picked our top SEO podcasts at this moment. So whether you’re a novice in the SEO scene or an expert trying to keep up with the ever-evolving industry, we have the best podcast for you!


The process of collecting this list wasn’t done half-heartedly. We did extensive research through many podcast lists, referred to streaming charts, and examined what those in the SEO community were sharing. Then, we considered.


We calculated our list of podcasts that:


  • provide unique methods for SEO
  • offer tangible takeaways for listeners
  • they are interesting to listen to


You will see there is no ranking for our list- this was entirely intentional. We didn’t want this to be about who’s the best because, quite frankly, each of these podcasts is high-quality, well-executed, and special in its own right. Instead, this is a list highlighting the best of what’s currently out there.


Here are our top SEO Podcasts,


Experts on the Wire: Best for hearing from SEO experts


Audit My SEO - PodcastExperts on the wire hosted by: Dan Shure

Frequency: Monthly

Special guests: John Mueller, Rand Fishkin, Jackie Chu, Kevin Indig


We recommend this podcast because it showcases the expertise and knowledge of some of the best in SEO.


Few other podcasts regularly feature many famous guests, whereas Dan has interviewed over 100 thought-leaders in SEO, including Rand Fishkin and John Mueller.


Search Engine Journal Show by Loren baker


This podcast talks about SEO information, new trends, social media, technical issues, content marketing, and digital marketing.


The show invites several experts to discuss and share various SEO tips. Other topics include tourism marketing, content marketing strategy, and Google Maps features. 


This show shares details on how to unlock the power of first-party data.


The episodes are up-to-date with content optimization trends across platforms.


Available on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes


The Authority Hacker pod hosted by Mark Webster and Gael Breton 


The Authority Hacker podcast is hosted by two online experts and entrepreneurs who share their daily experiences from running authority websites. They teach their listeners how to pick a proper domain name, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and SEO trends. 


It is ranked top-rated SEO podcast.


The podcast is offered in a conversational format between the hosts. They frequently answer questions asked by their audiences.


Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.


Edge of the web by Erin Sparks


Edge Of The Web is an excellent SEO podcast that follows an interview format where he invites well-known guests to discuss all things digital marketing, Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing.


The podcast consists of weekly one-hour-long episodes. It has over 300 episodes and consistently comes up with new weekly informative episodes. This podcast keeps you updated with the latest trends in the industry.  


Available on- Stitcher, iTunes, and Google play music.




Hosts: Sarah McDowell and Areej AbuAli


The WTSPodcast (Women in Tech SEO) podcast aims high and conveniently provides an engaging and useful podcast every Tuesday for half an hour. The show mainly focuses on the technical side of SEO. It touches on topics like scaling an agency, managing remote teams, setting client expectations, and one segment with Jamie Indigo where he discusses ethics and disinformation. 


The technical side of SEO discusses local SEO, keyword mapping, enterprise-level site migration, and structured data. You can learn about new SEO tactics in a fun and accessible way. 


You can find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


Azeem Digital Asks


Host: Azeem Ahmad


It is truly an SEO treasure trove for those who cannot get enough of good SEO podcast content. He invites top-quality guests. He talks about SEO social media marketing to content. The podcast also focuses on building a business that focuses on the search marketing community. Some episodes focus on avoiding burnout, recruitment of employees, building authority for your brand, and the benefits of strategies that consider the addition of all people. 


You can get it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. 


Rankable Podcast by iPullRank


Host: Garrer Sussman


In this podcast, the host talks about the next-level depth of technical SEO topics. The host deep dives into the technical side of SEO, especially related to enterprise and eCommerce. Marketers who are looking to move up to another level prefer this podcast. Topics like the value of Google Tag Management, creating an enterprise-level content strategy, the technical SEO of commerce, audience research for marketers, etc. get covered here. 


Get it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. 


StoryShout Podcast


Host: Kelsey Jones


This podcast talks about avoiding burnout and managing one’s thought process to better complete projects.


The interesting part of StoryShout is that it talks about learning from failure and not being afraid of it. Kelsey addresses achieving success, but she does it from the direction of failure, and she does it in a fun way. Kelsey interviews people from the search engine marketing industry who share their failure stories. 


It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Amazon, 


Marketing O’Clock


Hosts: Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine ‘Shep’ Zirnheld, and Mark Saltarelli


It is a weekly podcast that focuses on digital marketing news while maintaining a sense of humor. If you want to sense how your work impacts, then Marketing O’Clock is the show for you. 


Edge of The Web


Host: Erin Sparks


Edge of The Web talks about a wide range of subjects.


It has expanded beyond SEO news and interviews.


Listeners get to hear about strategies and practical tactics of digital marketing. 


Get it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud.




Hosts: Jim Hedger and Dave Davies


This podcast is popular because of the wit and banter of Jim and Dave. Webcology gives you insights into interesting developments in SEO. Both of them are industry veterans. Listening to their podcast is like having a coffee break with friends. 


Kalicube Tuesdays SEO Podcast


It has over 200 podcasters discuss topics across technical and high-level digital marketing. It is a perfect example of an approach to SEO that embraces the full width and depth of what is required to succeed in search marketing in 2022. Jason Barnard talks about subjects like predictive SEO using Big Data, the importance of content engineering, risks, and rewards of AI-generated topics, looking at Google’s SERP as a product, Split test SEO experiments, and live streams as an influencer marketing tool. 


The podcast is thought-provoking and offers insight into the world of SEO. Get it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


Google Podcast: Search Off The Record


It is worth listening to because it is created by members of Google’s Search Relations Team.


It gives insights into how decisions are made, the projects that Google Search is working on, and other topics of interest that concern the SEO community. The podcast will make you a better SEO professional, for sure. The host talks about a wide variety of topics that provide insights into indexing, how sites are rendered, and even how algorithms work on new sites. 


Marketing Scoop Podcast by SEMrush


Host: Laura Morelli


This podcast talks on the topics of content creation, customer retention, increasing conversions, and recovering from a Google penalty. It also presents other marketing ideas that are related to SEO. 


Audit My SEO - PodcastFood Blogger Pro Podcast


Host: Bjork Ostrom


This podcast focuses on everything to do with monetizing a website.


Even if you are not a food blogger, you can learn many things from this podcast, like optimizing ads, scaling a business, protecting content, running a subscription-based business, and writing better and smarter. 


The In Search SEO Podcast by Rank Ranger


Host: Mordy Oberstein


It publishes content regularly and talks about topics that interest the search marketing community. The channel discusses link building, recent updates, and actionable SEO strategies. 


Tech Bound Podcast


Host: Kevin Indig


This podcast talks about the technical side of SEO. The host, Kevin Indig, is the director of SEO at Shopify. He comes from an enterprise-level background in SEO. Hence, the podcast talks about enterprise-level of search marketing. The podcast is filled with quality information. The topics he covers are SEO Data – Forecasting and Agency Value, and Improving the Web, Schema, and the CMS market. 


It is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


Crawling Mondays by Aleyda


Host: Aleyda Solis


It is a YouTube video series that’s also available as a podcast. The podcast topics are absolutely great. The guests here are experts who share trustworthy and authoritative information. The podcast discusses topics like How to increase your link-building campaigns, outreach emails, open rates and success, internal linking optimization, WordPress SEO, and Affiliate SEO. 


It is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, 

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