Audit My SEO - Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration From

Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration From. Search is undoubtedly one of the most essential digital marketing channels until now as it can be used to both increase brand awareness and acquire new customers. This turns content marketing and SEO campaigns into very important aspects for every business owner for their long-term growth strategy. However, since an SEO campaign requires some time to rank and also getting leads is a time-consuming factor, most business owners pay their entire budget on paid ads. Even though SEO campaigns don’t ensure results as fast as paid ads, if you stick with it, you can build a great online presence for your business and also boost your bottom line.


1. Website Revamping Helped to Increase The Website Traffic by 22% and Mobile Traffic by 87% 


Audit My SEO - Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration FromRevamping your website should be the first SEO campaign to improve traffic and the organic visibility of your website. 


Nobody likes a sloppy-looking website.


According to Adobe, about 38% of users don’t visit a website that has a poor design. 


On the other hand, an attractive-looking website design helps to increase traffic and leads. Google focuses on offering the best possible results to its users.


It means search engines favor websites that have great user experiences (UX). If you’re planning to increase the ranking of your website, you should have a great website design and UX.


2. A Better Blogging Strategy and Call-to-Actions Helped to Boost Ranking by 84 Positions 


Call-to-actions (CTAs) are the next steps for digital marketers who want their visitors or audience to take, for instance, “Click Here to Download,” “Buy Now,” etc. If your website is without a clear CTA on your landing or web pages, your audience won’t be able to understand what exactly to do next after visiting your page.


3. Two-way SEO Approach Increases Traffic More than 40%


Audit My SEO - Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration FromAmerica’s Best is a popular countrywide eye care brand with over 500 retail stores. They were busy with aggressive growth plans. But they were using local print advertising and walk-in traffic to generate results but they failed to generate results. They required a more strong digital marketing strategy.


So, first, they created a comprehensive keyword strategy that would help them find the most profitable keywords to target. They used those keywords to restructure their web presence and updated all the Meta tags, alt image tags, and improved their web page content.


In the case of offsite SEO, they put emphasis on updating and optimizing the directories present online and designing a robust link-building campaign. That link-building campaign helped them improve their position and authority within the industry. This also helped them to improve their page rank. 


4. A Better Website Structure Improves Conversions by Over 85% 


Improving website structure is one of the first steps of any SEO campaign. This approach helped Belden Brick Company to acquire fascinating results. 


In a period of 12 months, Belden Brick Company saw betterment in converted visitors by over 85%. The number of repeat visitors also increased. 


5. Content Redesigning Improves Organic Visits by One Million


Audit My SEO - Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration FromMake your content look appealing and attractive to attract visitors and increase engagement. In order to increase traffic, Windows Report used this strategy for its website.


Rather than choosing traditional SEO improvements, CPS had decided to better its website via an overall redesign and neatly-organized content by applying the entity-based content model.


  • Update old content
  • Clean up 404 error pages and redirect chains
  • Change page titles to make them more relevant
  • Include more natural-sounding keywords inside their content
  • Build a linked graph for the magazine


Using this strategy, garnered more than one million new organic users every month.


6. A Strong Online Presence Has Helped to Increase Appointment Bookings by 1,217%!


OVME is an important medical aesthetic practice that puts focus on cosmetic enhancements and offers treatments like botox, facials, and fillers. Potential customers look for a refined high-end experience, in case of both offline and online, that their existing website fails to deliver.


The first step involved the simplification of their website and adding strong conversion opportunities from start to end. The latest website was also optimized for mobile so that there was no missed opportunity during a conversion. Also, page titles, page content, alt tags, schema markup, and metadata were optimized based on the target keywords.


Within three months, OVME improved its ranking based on its target keywords. This has seen an increase of 10% in organic website traffic and an increase of 60% in phone calls that came from organic search. Their keyword strategy was based on keywords that were strongly linked to conversions.


7. After Improving The Website Content and Conducting Extensive Keyword Research, Daily Website Visits Increased by More Than 40%


Audit My SEO - Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration FromBill Gates said “Content is king,” and keywords play a crucial role in any SEO campaign.


A company named Maldives Traveler bettered its website content and SEO strategy by putting the focus on the most relevant and less-competitive keywords. The company engaged itself in extensive keyword research to find the right target keywords that could attain the highest rankings. It was also important to note that they focused on the keywords which actually resulted in conversions. They didn’t desire traffic for the sake of traffic; they tried to attract those people that would actually convert.


Using their new SEO campaign strategies, Maldives Traveler was successful in increasing the number of visitors per day by more than 40%. Of course, this has also resulted in bettering brand awareness. The number of returning visitors also increased due to the strategically chosen keywords.


8. With Highly Focused Content a Magazine Grew Traffic by 321% 


Content plays a crucial part for enterprise websites in order to earn quality inbound links and organic traffic. This will subsequently boost the ranking and ensure more brand exposure.


Tharawat Magazine is a well-known, reliable publication on the family-owned businesses category. The company has over thousands of published articles on its website. Despite being a popular online magazine, Tharawat has very low website traffic. To change this, the company decided to introduce a new SEO strategy.


The company realized that they were under-utilizing the wealth of published content on their website. So Tharawat optimized and restructured the complete library of articles available on its platform against top-ranking keywords. In a period of the first five months, Tharawat’s website saw a dramatic increase in its visibility. Traffic to the website increased by 321%.


9. Using Organic Search Content Repurposing Generated More Than 92.65% More Users 


SalzburgerLand Tourismus does marketing, development, and promotion of tourism in the Salzburg region. SalzburgerLand Tourismus were facing challenges with acquiring and engaging travellers coming from across the world. They didn’t have high-quality content that would lure the target buyer.


First, they transferred the website to the WordPress platform. Then, they observed travellers’ behaviors through search intents and regional open data on bookings and inquiries. They used those data to redefine buyer personas, tailor information, and market segments required for each target group.


Taking a cue from this analysis, SalzburgerLand Tourismus created existing and new web content based on the different types of travellers. They also repurposed their old blog posts into various other formats, like images, videos, and podcasts. This helped the company to attract interested buyers and increase its reach. This campaign helped them to gain 92.65% more users through organic search.


10. Traffic Increased by 60% After Optimizing Web Content for Search Engines and Voice Search


7wData is a renowned blogging platform that has content to help innovation and link people and products. 7wData became a one-stop place where users could discover all information relating to data, but the company was reeling with low traffic and a high bounce rate.


 The company created and optimized its website content for search engines and voice search. This helped to increase visibility and allowed people to find their content on the platform quite easily. Digital voice assistants are growing each year. So if they optimize for voice search, they would be able to rank their website well for this growing trend.


Within a few weeks of time, organic traffic to 7wData increased by 30%. In roughly four months of time, the acquisition of organic users went from insignificant to more than 60% in comparison with the previous period.


Audit My SEO - Best SEO Campings to Take Inspiration From



Here are some of the best SEO campaign examples that will inspire you to create your next campaign.


These campaigns show that SEO still works, irrespective of the niche or industry you are operating in.


We hope that the insights from these SEO campaign examples are good enough to develop your own effective strategies and grow your own organic search visibility. 


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