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Best SEO Books For 2022. If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines, your website success rate is zero. Implement SEO techniques on your site until you achieve your preferred rankings. Here is a list of the most highly suggested Search Engine Optimization Books to improve your website appearance in search engine result pages(SERPs).


As you already know, there are thousands of blog posts, videos, and podcasts available covering every element of SEO, but they rarely present you all of the details you need to be successful; there is always another piece of content that you have to discover to put the entire puzzle together.


In the below list, we shared some of the books that were the best in 2021. Still, they are the best SEO books for 2022, as suggested by most SEO specialists. These are the best SEO books you will find online in Kindle, hardback, paperback, and audiobook format.


By reading any one of the books about SEO on this list, you will gain the guidance you require to create and execute a good SEO technique for your site.


Search engine Google changes its algorithm continually to remove spammy results and deliver the best results for users’ queries. Other search engines like Yahoo, Bing do the same. So, it would benefit if you had effective SEO or elevated your skills to stay your online business.


When I choose the following books, I select the best ones for 2022. Some of the books were published last year. Yet I included them here since they revised for this year, or they are still the best. The books are easy to read, beneficial to readers, informative, from newbies to advanced SEO entrepreneurs.


Learn the correct methods and secrets from SEO experts. And it is always better to read one right book than ten bad books. It is always better to read 10 books than to read 100 bad books. Nevertheless, it is even better to read less best up-to-date books than to read many best-outdated ones.


Therefore, buy only one book at a time and complete it and then go for other books. Read and apply the strategies from SEO experts. You will achieve traffic, sales, prestige, and high search engine rankings.


Top Best SEO Books for 2022


1. The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization


Author- Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola


This is one of the best search engine optimization books ever written and belongs on every serious marketer’s bookshelf. 


The art of SEO was published in 2012 and revised in 2015, it has been a basic must-read book in the SEO industry. And most of the content in this book is still useful today.


Whether you’re an SEO newbie or experienced, you will find a lot of valuable information about SEO within this book. It’s filled with more than 900 pages and protects everything you need to understand about SEO, including:


  • The fundamental theory and internal workings of search engines: how they consider the content and what they see when spidering a page
  • A list of the best tools or software to track your results and measure
  • The role of social media in SEO, user data, and links and how these signals impact your SEO endeavors
  • A good overview of the stages of SEO performances, building an SEO-friendly website, and areas of SEO planning
  • How to do proper keywords research 
  • A detailed explanation of the most prominent algorithmic updates that impacted the SEO industry: Penguin and Panda
  • How to create an SEO team with specified roles so you can maximize your speed and success with SEO


This really is the ideal SEO book that every search engine professional should read and it gives away a lot of Google ranking mysteries. 


In fact, this book has been published as a textbook in colleges and universities around the world for SEO students and digital marketing.


2. SEO 2021 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies


This book was written by Adam Clarke.


It will be a mystery if you could rank high on a search engine like Google and earn lots of website traffic. If you like to succeed this year, you should work with a difference. Read this book and find out the secrets from the well-known writer.


It was published in 2013 and the author revises it every year with a new edition. So you know that you’re getting one of the top search engine optimization books available with the most appropriate information to learn SEO.


If you don’t know about Adam Clarke before, he is a Google Analytics and Google Ads certified skilled who does SEO consulting and has achieved thousands of website #1 rankings for large international brands and family-owned businesses.


And in this book, The author tries to pass on all of his top knowledge in search engine optimization to his readers is around 250 pages. His objective is to have the most appropriate and exhaustive book on SEO optimization that will stand the test of time and assist you to grow your business.


Some certain strengths of this book include:


  • An understanding of how search engine Google works to rank websites today versus years past.
  • How to find low-competitive keywords or easy keywords that can send good traffic to a website.
  • How to structure your website for search engine optimization
  • Techniques for how to use Google’s search quality policies to your benefit
  • Local SEO strategies and tips for getting ranked above on SERPs
  • The importance of social media in SEO
  • How to use People Also Ask box and Google’s Featured Snippets
  • Access to free SEO lists and video tutorials.


What is positive about this book is that the SEO methods, strategies, and techniques will work for most website owners. It offers a reliable, SEO-focused direction to structure and ranks your website, whether it be a personal blog, affiliate site, eCommerce store, etc.


3. The SEO battlefield


Audit My SEO - BooksThe SEO battlefield is a multifaceted SEO book.


We all know that SEO is a combination of various activities.


And this book will help you in learning those combinations.


The author, in this book, demonstrates the successful as well as unsuccessful SEO campaigns. Knowing unsuccessful campaigns will help in avoiding SEO mistakes.


4. SEO made easy


Audit My SEO - BooksThis book is written by Evan Bailyn, an SEO expert who is known for ranking websites on Google.


Evan has spent years in understanding search engines and ranking websites on it. Hence, he is the right person to teach you SEO.


Evan, in his book, has laid down all his secrets and tips required to get the top spot on search engines. His techniques are so flexible that you use them for ranking websites on Yahoo, Google, and Bing as well.


He knows the importance of link-building. 


That’s why he has laid down 17 latest and easy link-building tactics in this book.


5. SEO tool book by Jason A Mcdonald


Tools are the most important part of SEO campaigns. Using good SEO tools you can skyrocket your SEO campaign.



This amazing SEO book has listed down free SEO tools which can be used by anyone.


From keyword research to link-building to analytics, the book has listed all possible free SEO tools. You will also find the links of each of these tools.


Remember, this SEO book is not a how-to-guide. It is only a list of SEO tools.


Hence, buy it if you want to learn about tools used for SEO campaigns.


6. Google semantic search David Amerland


Semantic search has become an important aspect of Google’s ranking factors.


Google algorithms like RankBrain and Hummingbird focus on semantic search and indexing.


Hence, if you want to get on top of Google’s SERP, you need to understand semantic search.


This book by David Amerland is the one-stop guide that will help you in understanding semantic search.

Audit My SEO - Books

7. How to get on the top of Google Tim Camaron


Getting on top of Google’s organic listing is a dream for many SEO experts.


But the harsh reality is only a few of them succeed.


So, if you want to rank on top of Google, this no-nonsense guide is written especially for you.


This book starts with the foundation of SEO and takes you through the advanced SEO strategy.


8. Search Engine Visibility


The search engine visibility is unlike other SEO books. It talks about all the techniques and strategies which are required to build search engine-friendly websites and web pages.


This book will also show you how to optimize text as well as non-text files to make better web pages.


It also talks about the necessary steps which you need to take after your site is built.


What will you learn in this book?


  • Steps and measures to take before building a website.
  • Do’s and don’ts of search engine optimization.
  • Technical SEO and much more.


9. The SEO way


Audit My SEO - BooksThe SEO way is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to understanding search engine optimization.


If you are someone who is having zero knowledge about SEO, then I would suggest you buy this guide.


In this book, you’ll understand the concepts of SEO, digital marketing, keyword research and mapping, on-page and off-page, site structure, and much more.


Key content of this book;


10. 3 Months To No 1


Audit My SEO - BooksWell, we all know that ranking no 1 on Google’s organic listing is a tedious task. So, if you are struggling to get no 1 ranking on Google, then this guide is waiting for you.


This book has a 3 month SEO blueprint, and if you follow this blueprint in a step-by-step manner, you’ll be able to rank your site in 3 months.


Apart from this blueprint, the book will also teach you how Google works and how you can make money with SEO.


Key content of this book;


  • Complete 3 month SEO plan.
  • 4 pillars of SEO.
  • Local and social SEO.
  • Ecommerce SEO and more.
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