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19 Best SEO Audit Tools [Best OF 2022]. Let’s take a look at the 19 best SEO audit tools of 2022 that will take your website to the next level. Many of these tools are paid, but also offer a free trial. These tools will help you with tracking, SEO auditing, link building, technical SEO, etc.

19 Best SEO Audit Tools

1) Semrush

Audit My SEO - SEO Audit Tools - SEM RUSH

Semrush is advanced SEO software. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for SEO and an easy-to-use interface for marketing professionals. 

Also, it offers various resources for learning and development

The  Semrush toolkit allows you to track your keywords ranking, improve your website’s visibility, monthly search volume keywords, and more. 

2) Ahrefs

Audit My SEO - AhrefsAhrefs is the most demanded SEO tool in the online business and SEO world. With the help of Ahrefs, you can easily examine your website property, produce keywords, links, and ranking profiles to help you make a good decision for your website and content. 

Some of its most important features are:

  • Site Audit
  • Site Explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Content Explorer

3) MOZ

Audit My SEO - MOZMOZ is the oldest all-in-one tool that helps you increase your business website ranking on search engines. It is a leading SEO Audit tool loved by many SEO specialists. The MOZ local tool optimizes your website to get a better rank on local search results.

MozPro provides an extra feature, link analysis, and live metrics about your web page’s performance. It also has keywords explorer tools that help you find the best keywords for your website. 

MozPro also includes:

  • Website crawler
  • Email report
  • Crawlability

4) SE Ranking-

Audit My SEO - SERankingSE Ranking is a paid tool worth every penny. Let’s imagine your key SEO reports being lost by a hardware malfunction or a virus attack. It can cost you money and time. SE Ranking helps you avoid these types of quarrels by providing cloud-based SEO Audit reporting. 

Some SE Ranking features include,

  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Traffic analysis
  • Backlink monitoring
  • Competitors analyze
  • Group keywords researching 

5) Mondovo

Audit My SEO - SEO Audit Tools - MondovoMondovo is an SEO monitoring tool that also provides social media marketing solutions. You can also call it a two-in-one solution provider.

Furthermore, it performs as a website crawler, an SEO metrics tracker, and a social media monitor.  

Some of its main features are:

  • Rank Tracker
  • On-Demand Rank Check
  • Link Research
  • On-page Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Replacer
  • Bulk Metrics

6) TribeLocal

Audit My SEO - SEO Audit Tools - Tribe LocalTribeLocal is an all-in-one Local SEO and citation platform. It keeps all your Search Engine Optimization tools into a single user interface which makes them easily accessible. Tribe Local can extend the reach of your business through search engine optimization and analytics.

TribeLocal also offers:

  • Citations Burst
  • Reputation Management
  • Rankings Analysis
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Offline Campaigns
  • Whitelabel Reporting
  • Import and Export Bulk Data 

7) SEOprofiler

Audit My SEO - SEO Audit Tools - SEOProfilerThis is a cloud-based marketing tool that helps websites get a high rank in search engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, and Bing. Through this marketing solution, the website attracts more traffic and potential clients. 

Using SEOprofiler you can get many benefits such as Daily Ranking Monitor, Automatic Website Audits, Website Optimization, Backlink Builder, and Project Management. 

Some of SEOprofiler’s features include:

  • Google Daily Ranking Check
  • Mobile Ranking Checks
  • Deep Search
  • Keyword Ranking Monitor
  • Worldwide Ranking Check
  • Site Management
  • Backlink Builder
  • Hub Finder Export

8) SpyFu

Audit My SEO - SEO Audit Tools - SpyFuAs a cloud-hosted system, it focuses on search marketing. SpyFu is mainly used for competitor keyword research for Google Ads. Additionally, it helps with PPC competitive research, SEO competitive research, etc.

With SpyFu, you can also:

  • Download a competitor’s PPC keywords
  • Download a competitor’s SEO keywords.
  • Identify the backlinks your competitors use. 
  • Discover keyword ideas

9) SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite software assists businesses in enhancing search engine ranking, conversion, generating more leads and traffic. It includes a Link Assistant, SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker, and WebSite Auditor. This software works well with big data sets. 

SEO PowerSuite features:

  • Support for 329 search engines
  • Comparison of up to 10 competitors
  • Competitor link reverse engineering
  • 19 keyword suggestion tools
  • Identification of broken links and code errors

10) Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a visual keyword and competitor research tool that shows results in an interactive, graphical view. 

Moreover, it aims to simplify the process of keywords research for business owners, and online marketers. There are various benefits to using Keyword Eye, such as:

  • Visual Keywords
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Question Research
  • One Platform Collaboration

11) AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs is a super-amazing electronic SEO monitoring tool that has a user-accommodating interface, making it very easy to use.

The stage is intended to be quick and accurate in competitor following, white name watchword reporting, local and worldwide following for different search engines, reporting sending out, and Google Ads Integration.

12) Deep Crawl

DeepCrawl consistently checks websites for errors and issues to fix, with the end goal of making them remain relevant. The application empowers websites to remain on top of search engine giants and guarantees that they stay apparent on the web. 

In any case, in the event of one or the other Panda or Penguin outcomes affecting the site, DeepCrawl assists websites in recovering from those and guaranteeing that they don’t occur once more

Furthermore, websites can exploit DeepCrawl when it comes to improving their SEO and boost their traffic.

13) Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a technical SEO tool that identifies SEO issues blocking the site’s visibility.  This tool is used by many bloggers, SEO experts, webmasters, and business owners to level up their technical SEO game. 

With the help of this tool, owners and SEO experts can conduct a technical review of their websites at a fast pace. Moreover, they can swiftly guarantee that their websites are available to their ideal interest groups constantly. 

Notably, Netpeak Spider is a productive apparatus that assists SEO specialists and website admins conduct their day-by-day undertakings while also assisting them with improving their websites’ web crawler positioning simultaneously.

14) Local SEO Tools 

Local SEO Tools is an SEO  app that empowers you to investigate and manage your keywords and SEO strategies. Through this app, you can investigate long-tail and LSI keywords, check your keyword golden ratio, and decide how well your keywords are performing. 

You can also use this app to compare your site against other local postings and SEO KPIs. Not only that, but you can use it to manage your reviews and offer audit cards through a short URL link that you can use to get the feedback you need to improve. 

To assist you with facilitating and improving your strategies, Local SEO Tools gives recommendations dependent on your measurements and on-page optimization. You can conduct SEO analyses dependent on the strategies and performance of your competitors.

15) BrightLocal

BrightLocal is a coordinated SEO and local citation tool stacked with all the provisions and tools needed to expand the visibility of your business on the web and draw in more local consumers. 

With BrightLocal, you get speedy and precise local SEO reporting, while saving valuable hours that you cannot get with other SEO reporting instruments. 

Hence, this is a very popular tool among professional digital marketers, offices, freelancers, and organizations all around the globe. 

Aside from its local SEO reporting features, BrightLocal additionally offers financially savvy aggregator submissions and first-rate citation working to assist with changing your local business from a simple blip on the consumers’ radar screen to a thriving local center point.

16) K-Meta

K-Meta is an extensive SEO instrument that helps you track down the best keywords and key phrases for your websites, applications, and items. 

Additionally, K-Meta produces detailed reports on the keywords and phrases your competitors are using. Thus, allowing you to completely comprehend their SEO strategies and make your own dependent on brilliant semantics and detailed educational reports. 

With K-Meta, you can completely maximize the effect of your contextual advertisement crusades as you anchor them on high-performing keywords. 

This SEO auditing software gives you the features and functionalities you need to manage down your costs, as it gives you keyword adequacy that outcomes in fine-tuning your SEO expenses and financial plan.

17) MOZ Local

MOZ is a powerful software intended for content marketing, SEO, and Link analysis. This product gives a phenomenal set-up of essential and progressed research functionalities, perfect to improve a site’s SEO.

It offers a phenomenal SEO keyword generator and keyword research just as a link analysis that gives detailed information on inbound links and the nature of the links. 

With MOZ, it will be easier to:

  • Monitor Onsite Issues
  • Track Ranking
  • Improve Onsite SEO
  • Monitor Traffic Performance
  • Monitor Social Development
  • Duplicate Your Competitors’ Best Backlinks
  • Benchmark Against The Competition

18) Similar Web 

SimilarWeb Pro is a famous BI arrangement, known for its competitive web-based insight and web estimation.


Utilizing the biggest worldwide web-based panel, this tool offers website analytics tools that allow you to see traffic measurements for any of your websites. Furthermore, this enables you to see website traffic just as traffic acquisition techniques for different sites at the same time. Generally speaking, SimilarWeb helps watch out for your business wellbeing, track openings, and settle on smarter business choices.

19) Website Rocket

Website Rocket is a local SEO programming tool created to assist small businesses with interfacing their web-based customers and possible clients, increment their internet-based presence, and saddle the power of social media to effectively promote their business. 

Also, this tool mentions to clients what to post on their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. It additionally furnishes clients with bit-by-bit instructions to accomplish and deal with the full optimization of their websites, empowering them to create and keep a huge presence and highest level in web search tool results.

Conclusion, SEO Audit Tools:

Audit My SEO - SEO Audit Tools - ContactThese 19 SEO auditing tools will not only help you audit your site, but they will also help in its overall SEO.

For example, many of these tools can increase the traffic and organic rankings of your site.

You can also use these tools for keyword research, link building, technical SEO, reporting, and analytics as well.

We personally use SEMrush and Ahrefs regularly as we are totally in love with their offers and services.

We hope this blog has provided you with everything you need to know about the best SEO auditing tools. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about SEO auditing tools and how to use them, consider following our newsletter for more information that is updated regularly.


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