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7 Best Online Plagiarism Checking Tools (Free & Paid). Now, for many of you, Plagiarism might be a new term. So let us first understand the meaning of the term Plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying the content of another and presenting it with no legal permission. This impact is dangerous and might lead to serious consequences both in the academic and online world.


A plagiarism checker software is especially great for detecting copied content within a document or website. Students, teachers, scholars, and website owners use these tools to ensure that the content is free of errors. Because a plagiarism checker helps highlight passages in a text that might have come from another source.


Below are some of the best plagiarism checker tools that offer great value for money.


1. ProWritingAid


Perfect for checking grammar, style along with plagiarism.


Price: ProWritingAid price starts at $20 per month. Plagiarism checks are available with Premium Plus plans, the Monthly Subscription costs $24 per month, a Yearly subscription costs $89, and a Lifetime costs $499, which is a one-time payment.


ProWritingAid is a platform for checking grammar and style on your web pages, academic papers, etc. This tool provides plagiarism-checking capabilities along with the Premium Plus plan. 




  • You can carry out 60 plagiarism checks per year with the help of ProWritingAid.
  • You can have free access to the writers’’ resource library.
  • In-depth report helps in improving your writing style.


Verdict: ProWritingAid helps in academic writing, business writing, and creative writing and can be integrated into Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Firefox, etc. There are no word count restrictions with ProWritingAid. 


2. Grammarly 

Suitable for correcting grammar mistakes, plagiarism, and writing style along with word use. 


Price: The basic version is available for free, but it only checks the content to point out grammar mistakes.


The premium version’s price starts at $11.66 per month, where you would receive a plagiarism checker, advanced writing feedback, and much more. 


Through Grammarly, you can also improve the tone, readability, and clarity of the content. It can be perfect for students, scholars, website owners, and content writing firms.




  • Helps in checking Plagiarism 
  • Helps in checking Grammar 
  • Provides clarity and aids in creating engagement


Verdict: Grammarly is an economic tool for checking plagiarized content and improving one’s writing format and content. You can download the Grammarly app or check the content online.


Audit My SEO - Best Online Plagiarism Checking Tools Free & PaidThrough this plagiarism checker, you can create unique content of up to 1000 words for free. The pro version works with no word limit and doesn’t present any advertisements.


Price: Through this basic version of this online plagiarism checker, you can check up to 1000 words simultaneously for free. The Pro version doesn’t offer any word limit or advertisements. Students, Institutes, and Enterprises can use the paid versions. uses an advanced algorithm for finding duplicate content. The app scrutinizes content based on word choice and matching terms or phrases. This tool will run the text through millions of sites to check the plagiarized content. This plagiarism detector tool supports documents in Txt, Doc, and Docx formats.




  • Helps in deep searching of features
  • Aids in URL/File uploading
  • Promotes genuine advertising
  • Supports multiple file formats 
  • Helps in downloading PDF reports


Verdict: Students, teachers, and writers make great use of The software supports information encryption that is suitable for people who are conscious of data leakage.


But this plagiarism checker has one limitation: this app provides limited words per search. Through the free version, you can check only 1000 words, and the paid version allows you to check 6,000 words per search. 


4. SmallSEOTools 


Useful for checking plagiarism, spell checking, rewriting articles for repurposing content, counting words along with changing text cases for free. This plagiarism checker tool is great for scrutinizing domain names, backlinks, keywords, website tracking, and many more.


Price: Free



SmallSEOTools allows you to perform various tasks for optimizing your website. Appropriate for website owners. Through this tool, you can check 1000 words per search, copy, and paste content, enter URLs or upload documents from a local drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.




  • Supports different file formats such as PDF, RTF, Doc, Docs, Tex, and Txt
  • Known to be the plagiarism checker API and Plugin
  • This plagiarism checker can be found on Google Play, MacStore, and App Store
  • Helps in downloading plagiarism report


Verdict: SmallSEOTools is ideal for the website owners. This online tool allows you to check your document for plagiarism. And the best thing is that you do not pay a single penny for using all the different tools while optimizing your website content. 


5. DupliChecker 


Through this plagiarism detector tool, you can check out grammar and plagiarism for free. 


Price: Free


Dupli Checker software plagiarism checker can be widely used by website owners to check if the contents are error-free or not at zero cost. The contents can be checked by pasting the URL link or uploading a document stored on the local drive.


In addition to this, there are also different free Dupli Checker tools such as a spell checker, word counter, change text case, merge words, grammar check, and many more.




  • Supports different file formats such as PDF, RTF, Doc, Tex, and Txt
  • Helps detect plagiarism in contents  
  • Also known as the Grammar checker


Verdict: Dupli Checker tools allow website owners to optimize web content. The tool provides basic plagiarism checking that is ideal for website owners. But it would be better if students and scholars looked elsewhere for plagiarism checking.




Suitable for checking plagiarism up to 1000 words for free. 


Price: Free plagiarism checker is where up to 1000 words can be checked for free. And for checking more than 1000 words, you can choose premium packages. Through the premium package, you can check up to 25000 at one time


  • Premium package pricing details:

Suitable for academicians and website owners. The premium version supports multiple file uploads at the same time. Words between the range of 1,000 to 25,000 can be checked depending on the selected package. This plagiarism tool supports APIs that help in integrating the tool with your application.




  • Helps in multiple file uploading
  • Provides 24×7 customer support
  • Carries out in-depth research


Verdict: PREPOSTSEO is known to be a great tool suitable for multiple users. The online tool supports premium features at economical rates. 


7. PlagTracker 


Used for checking plagiarism when you are in a hurry for free in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Romanian.


Price: Free


Recognized to be an easy online plagiarism checking tool through which you can check plagiarism, fix grammar mistakes and proofread the document. Publishers and site owners can scrutinize if the content is original before publishing them.




  • Provides multiple language support 
  • Large directories of academic papers can be checked through this plagiarism checker 
  • Provides plagiarism reports


Verdict: PlagTracker is said to be ideal for publishers, academicians, and site owners through which plagiarism can be detected for free.


Therefore, from the above, I hope you have received an idea of the Best Online Plagiarism Checking Tools available today.

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