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Best Link Building Tools. Without a backlink, a digital marketing technique is like a ship without a rudder. If you don’t prioritize link development and use link-building tools, you won’t be effective as a digital marketer. Link-building is the practice of acquiring high-quality links to your Web page to enhance your visibility on the search engine result page. 


Nevertheless, the easier it arises, the more difficult it is. You will require powerful SEO Tools to help you with link building. A good link-building tool will assist you in reaching out to a new audience, improve your website’s domain authority (DA), and generate more organic traffic.


Link Building Tools 


1. Ahrefs:


Ahrefs is one of the most chosen SEO link-building tools across the world. It has one of the most extensive backlink databases on the globe. You can also use this tool for content audits, website audits, keyword research, etc. Ahrefs is available on a monthly subscription, starting at just $99.


Everyone’s favorite unique feature: Content Explorer 


Content Explorer is basically a searchable database with over 9 billion pages. It is great for content research but also a fantastic source of link prospects. For example, you are looking for link prospects for a blog post titled “best routers for 2022”. One source of link prospects may be people linking to similar posts that haven’t been updated for years. The reason behind that is that nobody wants to link to an outdated list of routers because most of them are unavailable. You can easily find it on Content Explorer. 


  1. You have to enter the search term link “best wifi routers”
  2. Turn the search mode to “In title”
  3. Filter to get the pages published prior to 2018
  4. Filter for English pages
  5. Search for pages with 10+ referring domains


Now you can find similar pages to yours, with backlinks that haven’t been updated after 2017. You can download the backlinks of those pages from Site Explorer. Then reach out and suggest those links to up-to-date the list instead of the outdated one from 2017.


Audit My SEO - Tools2. SEMrush:


SEMrush is an advanced search engine optimization link-building tool with a solid link-building process.


You can use this tool for link analysis, backlink possibilities, and performing outreach.


In addition to link-building tools, it also provides tools for SMM, SEO, content marketing, and more.


SEMrush is available for a monthly subscription of $99.95. 




Link-building success hinges on discovering the email address of the right candidate., an email search tool, is your best partner for this goal. It swiftly recognizes email addresses linked to any website. It also confirms the email address and helps you track whether the address is active.


Best unique feature: Google Sheets add-on 


Let’s say you have exported some links from Content Explorer and imported them to Google Sheets. You’ll notice that the export file includes the author’s name. 


So using Hunter’s Sheets add-on links, you can find matching emails for these prospects with just one click. You won’t find a matching email address for every prospect. But you can usually find one for a decent percentage of them. To test the viability of an outreach campaign, you can use these prospects as your initial “hit” list. If successful and to build more links, have someone find emails for the rest of the prospects. 


4. NeverBounce:


Audit My SEO - Tools

When you send an email to the wrong address by mistake, it bounces back. The entire link-building campaign is postponed as a result of this. NeverBounce helps you determine if an email is invalid, valid, or disposable. You can even automate the entire procedure by merging Zapier integration with Google Sheets. 


Favorite unique feature: Zapier Integration


During email outreach, everything revolves around Google Sheets. Only for this reason, NeverBounce’s Zapier Integration is a great tool. To enter email addresses in a Google sheet, you can quickly set up a multi-step zap. Whenever it is done, it pings NeverBounce. It verifies the email and logs the verification status in the same Google sheet. 


Great, right?


But it’s too expensive. However, there is a solution. Create a JSON importer inside the Google Apps Script to import data from NeverBounce webhooks. It may sound hard, but it’s pretty simple. 


5. Buzzstream:


Buzzstream is a service that concentrates on improving your email outreach. It allows you to manage, personalize, track emails and send. This link-building tool is available as a Chrome extension that makes the link prospecting process faster. Its monthly subscription starts at $24.


Favorite unique feature: Buzzmarker 


It is a chrome extension that helps the process of link prospecting. You have the option to use it for finding contact information and adding prospects to online campaigns. You can also compose the emails from the templates as you browse the web.


For example, you’re browsing the web and come across a resource page or other relevant prospect. Just click the Buzzmarker, and you’ll see the contact details it has found for the website. 


In just one click, you have the option to add the prospect to an outreach campaign. 


Using your Buzzstream account, you can also compose and send an email.


6. Majestic SEO:


Majestic SEO mainly focuses on backlinks. It boasts of one of the most comprehensive crawler systems. Its data has both trust flow and data flow, which estimate link quality and quantity, respectively. Other noteworthy features of this link-building tool are a business profile checker, share campaigns, metrics history, and custom reports.


Audit My SEO - Tools7. Moz SEO:


Moz SEO is another best SEO link-building tool that helps analyze any site’s link profile.


You can also use this tool to find bad links, fix broken links, and find link-building opportunities.


Moz link-building tool also spotlights the most common anchor text websites that link to your website.


Moz is available for a monthly subscription of just $99.95.

8. Sitechecker:


Sitechecker presents the two best link-building tools: backlink analysis and backlink generator. The former aids in getting free links to a web page, whereas the latter helps in the evaluation of backlinks for different time duration. Sitechecker is available on a monthly subscription, starting at just $29.


9. Ubersuggest:


Ubersuggest examines the backlinks of your top-ranking competitors. It also offers you data regarding where they obtain their links from. This link-building tool also provides:


  • Keyword research.
  • Insights on ranking difficulty.
  • Cost per click (CPC).
  • Other important SEO metrics.


It comes with various plans: individual ($29), business ($49), and agency ($99). 


10. BuzzSumo:


BuzzSumo’s monthly subscription plan starts at $299. This SEO link-building tool is excellent for outreach, influencer research, and digital PR. It assists you in examining the backlinks to articles by influencers. You may also track the performance of your competitors’ backlinks, social media, and site domain.




It is an outreach tool that lets you set up drip campaigns. It combines with a CMS.


(Customer Management System) to convert leads from prospects. is perfect for lead generation, email lookup, and cold outreach.


The tool also features an email verification element, with roughly 90 validated emails in its database.


12. Linkody:


Linkody specializes in creating link strategies, examining competitor link profiles, and checking backlinks leading to your domain. Its search engine optimization metrics functionality pulls details from Majestic, Moz, and other third-party backlink checkers. This tool’s dashboard lets you access top anchors, lost backlinks, unfollowed backlinks, etc.


13. GroupHigh:


Blogger outreach is vital for a successful link-building campaign.


And this is where GroupHigh can help you.


It does not just offer quick access to blogger contact details, but it also helps in all steps of blogger outreach.


It can help in relationship formation and the acquisition of high-quality links.


14. HARO 


It connects the journalists with sources.  Often, journalists need insights, advice, or opinions from news industry experts to write their articles. HARO (Help A Reporter Out) solves this problem. They help journalists by creating a connection with industry experts via daily emails. 


Here is how it functions in a nutshell:


  1. Journalists drop the source requests to HARO.
  2. HARO shoots three emails every day to its 1 million (nearly) users with the source requests.
  3. Now HARO users pitch with the relevant requests in order to gain backlinks and media coverage.  


If you drop a tip and it gets selected for inclusion, you get both a mention and backlink right from the website.


Favorite unique feature: Keyword alerts


HARO divides its requests into a few categories to make your life easier.


You choose what you like most. 


However, there is one problem.


The categories are broad. For instance, requests in the “Business and Finance” category give you the results of Bitcoin to credit cards to SEO.


HARO has its paid plans which solve the problem. It allows you to filter for opportunities by keywords. However, you can achieve something similar like this for absolutely free by using Gmail filters. 




Link-building tools won’t do your job.


Rather they help you make your work more concrete and efficient.


You need to assemble the right SEO tools along with the ability to write persuading outreach emails.


You’ll find yourself in the ideal position to build links that help you compete on the most competitive search engines.  


Happy link-building!

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