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Best Inbound Marketing Trends To Watch out For In 2022. Inbound marketing is means to connect to your target audience passively. It highlights the use of substantial content to generate relevant interactions and draw opportunities for a business. This marketing strategy can develop quality leads and have a high marketing ROI in the long term. Nevertheless, these advantages can be tough to come by, specifically if you’re not up to date with the latest inbound marketing trends. 


Here are a few vital points about IM(Inbound marketing):


  • This strategy often relies highly on SEO(search engine optimization) to set your content at the top of the search results.
  • Such outbound marketing such as email outreach, cold calling, and paid us, are all part of a valid marketing technique.
  • Inbound marketing depends heavily on social media marketing, customer data, and search engine to place the right content in front of your audience. 


The inbound marketing trends involve social media platforms, interactive content, and reimagining the customer experience to become something great.


1.Short-Form Content Marketing Efforts 


Short-form of content such as video started its rise to the top in 2020 and doesn’t seem to go down at all in 2022. Video marketing is an important part of the inbound marketing strategies for many companies in 2022. 


There are three important social media platforms to focus your inbound marketing for video content:


  • TikTok
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts


TikTok was the first to overpower this space, but Instagram and YouTube have quickly caught up because of their immense user bases.


To succeed in this area, keep these 3 video marketing statistics in mind:


  1. Landing pages with video content convert 86% more frequently.
  2. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.
  3. 69% of people prefer video over text. 


2.Podcasts and Audio Will Rise in Digital Marketing


Short-form video content is not the only form of interactive content available for marketing directors. Audio, such as talk shows, audiobooks, and podcasts, remains a viable way of generating inbound traffic.


Traditional advertising such as radio heavily relied on audio. Radio ads were best and most common and they were used to grow brand awareness across towns, cities, and even bigger areas.


A podcast could be a powerful inbound medium for brands whose focus is on educating consumers and reaching out to mature audiences, and trying to increase audience engagement and reach. 


Here are some podcast statistics:


  • 66% of people like podcasts over TV
  • More than 58% prefer podcasts over social media
  • 96% like podcasts on newspaper
  • 75% of people listen to podcasts to learn something new. 

3.Interactive Content


Gone are the days when consumers were prepared to stay close by your site and read a blog to the last word. Today, there are a large number of sites contending in one specialty. All things considered, there is an excess of information, and it’s limiting the aggregate focusing ability of perusers.


Moreover, consumers these days thirst for control and collaboration, which are rare with passive content. The ineffectualness of passive content has tipped the chances for interactive content. Interactive content like VR content, diagrams, drawing in guides, and illustrations make the crowd part of the action, rather than causing them to feel designated. It allows them to make decisions, investigate situations, respond to comments, and gain bits of knowledge.


At last, it raises the commitment level and increments change rates. Indeed, as per one report, interactive content creates twice a bigger number of changes than passive content, and it changes over around 70% of the time (Demand Metric, 2014). Moreover, 77% of advertisers who utilize interactive content concur that this kind of content has reusable value and results in various openings and rehash visits (Content Marketing Institute, 2017). With evolving innovations and buyer demands, advertisers are tracking down imaginative ways to convey interactive content.


The VenturePact mini-computer is a quintessential example of how brands can add interactive perspectives to assist consumers with investigating situations. The firm cooperated with Outgrow to add a number cruncher that empowered its objective consumers to gauge the expense of building an application. VenturePact realize that the expense was the greatest worry for its consumers. Accordingly, adding the adding machine was a perfectly tuned move pointed toward subduing this worry. Inside about fourteen days of presenting the adding machine, VenturePact recorded a 15% development in traffic and a 28% expansion in change rate.


4. Voice Search 


SEO is constantly evolving. However, notwithstanding this multitude of changes, it’s as yet an essential marketing methodology for advanced advertisers. SEO impacts inbound marketing, and as an advertiser, you really want to remain on the edge of the most recent improvement in this field. One such improvement is the voice search pattern. Voice search was one of the most blazing inbound marketing trends from 2018 to 2020.


The development of voice search is somewhat credited to the approach of shrewd voice collaborators like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. At first, users felt quite uncertain with regards to the exactness of the voice-helped devices. However, engineers have kept on idealizing these devices, and today they have a word precision of over 90%.


Thusly, it’s not really surprising that in 2019, around 33% of the US populace utilized voice search highlights (eMarketer, 2019). Also, a new study uncovered that 115.2 million US consumers utilized voice-initiated devices something like once each month (eMarketer, 2020). Importance, while text-based search actually stays well known, many have begun utilizing voice-helped searches for their questions.


This developing usage of voice-empowered devices and changing client preference highlight a prospering eventual fate of voice search. Organizations are taking on the essential changes to stay aware of voice search changes and drive more traffic. A portion of the prominent changes incorporates adding a voice search snippet to blog entries and composing content that is immediate and conversational. Obviously, this involves changes in how you direct lead the executives to make sure you catch voice-search inbound leads.


5. Changing Social Media Preferences


Audit My SEO - Best Inbound Marketing TrendsAs you probably are aware, social media has faced a huge number of time characterizing issues with security and trustworthiness. Be that as it may, 2018 denoted the limit when the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out. Starting there on, users began to scrutinize the value that social organizations give, and many had doubts about sharing information on the web.


From that point forward, a ton has changed with regards to how users associate and offer content on the web. For example, Facebook presented another calculation in 2018 in a bid to re-establish its standing, which was, at that point, going south (Brandwatch, 2019). What’s more, Instagram stories include have been redone, and coordinated informing has detonated. In particular, new social channels like the advertisement-free WT Social have arisen, taking the conventional social behemoths, head-on (The Next Web, 2019).


It is likewise great to take note that 72% of individuals currently prefer watching recordings over perusing to find out with regards to items and administrations (HubSpot, 2018). Because of this, 93% of advertisers have as of now begun focusing on video content creation (renderforest, 2020). This pile of cozy new configurations and methodologies swung the pendulum back to a genuine, bona fide, and individual way to deal with sharing content on social media.


For advertisers, this implies that the best way to contend now is to devise more significant techniques for client commitment and lead age. Accentuation is not generally nailed to amplifying reach. All things considered, the center has moved towards making quality content and working with straightforward commitment. Advertisers are more keen on prodding the practices that convey an unmistakable effect on expanded ROI and brand value.


6. Featured Snippet Optimization


Audit My SEO - Best Inbound Marketing TrendsEach brand endeavors to be number one on the main Google SERPs. Correct? Yet, it appears there is position zero. Indeed, Google’s Featured Snippet is the new number one on SERPs (Google, 2021). The featured snippet was presented in mid-2014, so it isn’t really new. However, in the last several years, the featured snippet has acquired conspicuousness with the changing Google calculation.


Today, showing up in the featured snippet is each brand’s fantasy. As we referenced before, Google is attempting to make itself as accommodating as possible to its users. The featured snippet reverberates with Google’s longing to convey moment and precise results.


What the featured snippet does is assist users with tracking down replies without leaving the primary SERP. For example, when a guest searches “what is best assistance work area programming” they rapidly find the solution even before they open the sites on the primary SERP.


The featured snippet is the main thing most users see when they search for a word or expression on Google. Along these lines, there is a high chance that the users will visit the sites referenced on the featured snippet. This implies assuming your page shows up in the featured snippet, you will get excellent natural traffic to your site.


What’s significantly more intriguing with regards to featured snippets is that your page doesn’t really need to be the highest level page for a specific search question for Google to highlight the snippet. A concentrate by Ahrefs observed that a featured snippet gets ~8.6% of snaps while the page right underneath it (the customary #1 positioning page) gets ~19.6%. On the off chance that the featured snippet was not there in any case, the #1 positioning page would have gotten every one of the snaps. As it were, the page with a decent snippet that responds to the client’s inquiry partakes in a lot of snaps regardless of whether it isn’t initially the highest level page (Ahrefs, 2021).


This recounts the entire story of why advertisers are eager to advance their content for the featured snippets. The significance of the featured snippet will develop as the days go by. Try not to be amazed assuming that the optimization for the featured snippet pattern continues into the indefinite future.


7. Video Marketing


Audit My SEO - Best Inbound Marketing TrendsThe content marketing landscape has changed much throughout the last two or three years.


From the manner in which the content is made, served, and consumed, virtually every viewpoint has had a facelift. Furthermore, the limits on how, where, and when consumers can collaborate with content have moved.


While certain types of content play are taken behind the stage parts, others have jumped to the front. Take recordings, for example. Video has become so pervasive that consumers anticipate it from all organizations, of all shapes and sizes. Contrasted with different types of content, video is undeniably really captivating. It instructs and illuminates consumers while advancing items and administrations that are important, significant, and adaptable.


Audit My SEO - Best Inbound Marketing TrendsThe video checks every one of the cases of a state-of-the-art type of content. Other than conveying what the consumers need, when, and how they need it, video conveys various advantages as well. For example, including recordings landing pages can increment change rates by 80% (WordStream, 2020). Besides, during the COVID-19 pandemic, video content expanded across social media stages, cresting in April 2020 on Facebook at 15.8% and Instagram at 14.2%. Outstandingly, Instagram recordings produce 21.2% more connections contrasted with pictures (Socialbakers, 2020). Therefore it’s nothing unexpected that nine out of 10 advertisers felt that recordings have become significant for brand mindfulness, particularly during the pandemic (HubSpot, 2021).


The advantages of video marketing stand out among numerous advertisers. Additionally, with video content set to represent the vast majority of all web traffic, we’ll see the video marketing pattern speed up in 2021. We anticipate that brands should put more in live streaming, digital broadcast, and online classes. In addition, new kinds of video live VR video and 360-degree recordings will turn into a recognizable sight in 2021.

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