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Best AB Testing Tools For SEO In 2022. Looking for the best A/B split test plugin or tool to grow your WordPress Website? By A/B split testing your forum, you can comprehend what performs best for your targeting audience and optimize your forms for more leads. 


This article will share the 6 best WordPress A/B testing plugins and tools for WordPress. Using these tools, you can analogize multiple variants of your content. Most split-testing tools will let you test with every page element.


You can test various components like conversion, user engagement (Through bounce rate and other information), and other elements of your web page.


Best A/B testing tools 


Let’s take a look at the best WordPress A/B testing WordPress plugins and tools for your web page.


Nelio AB Testing


This is a great WordPress plugin to test every element of your website. Utilize it to analyze images, titles, product descriptions, and more.


Nelio AB testing reports that the interface has a graphical illustration for conversion rate on variants A and B. A horizontal bar chart features the actual conversion rates for different options. The analytics will also show page views and running days.




  1. Cache support mechanism
  2. Easily test headlines
  3. Menu and widget testing
  4. Alternative themes and CSS tests
  5. Conversion analytics
  6. Site-wide consistency (optional)
  7. Heatmap functionality
  8. Multi Goals tests (premium)
  9. WooCommerce compatible
  10. Quick support


You can obtain the essential components using the free version at A purchase to premium is available for exact testing elements like 5k page views. The paid version starts at Dollar 29 per month.


Simple Page Tester


Audit My SEO - AB Testing

The Simple Page Tester is an effortless solution for a beginner-friendly WordPress plugin for managing split testing with no coding background.


A free version of a Simple Page Tester plugin you can download from the repository.


Simple page tester is also compatible with Google Analytics objective.





  1. Automatic updates
  2. SEO friendly
  3. Super easy to use
  4. Cache compatibility
  5. Fast setup
  6. Conversion tracking (Premium)
  7. WooCommerce’sWooCommerce’s integration (Premium)
  8. GA compatible
  9. Forum support and knowledge base


The Simple page tester premium unlocks JavaScript snippets, detailed analytics, and email support. They have two pricing options:


  • Standard License: For a single website, $59
  • Agency license: for an unlimited website, $149



This is one of the top CRO frameworks in the market, with a full array of CRO tools that should cover you regardless of how big your company becomes.


Optimizely has many items, but its A/B testing and web upgrade features are the most important. You can take this above and beyond with Optimizely X Personalization, which allows you to send personalized messages to various audience segments.


With Optimizely, you have a few pretty solid tools at your disposal. What’s great about them is that you can use them regardless of your level of technical mastery or lack thereof.


Pricing is available on solicitation, and remember that Optimizely aspires to be an enterprise-level solution with serious pricing, so don’t expect bargain bucket rates.


The lower-to-mid plans will cost you at least five figures each year without revealing excessively.




Audit My SEO - AB TestingThis a/b testing tool has a central guest intelligence innovation that uses predictive analysis to think of actionable bits of knowledge. This way, it can help you to make better-educated marketing choices. With JustUno’s A/B testing device, you will further develop the user experience and increase your website’s traffic transformation.


Regardless of its low price, this device offers a way for marketers to get lasting and robust test results from the data given. By combining user meetings with your audience’s micro-interactions, JustUno layers clever data into each item and feature. This way, it can help you track down hidden segments and find new opportunities to grow your business.


Best for: Digital marketers, eCommerce, Publishing, and SaaS companies who want to increase changes, get new leads, generate more sales utilizing targeted messaging and website advancements.


 Zoho PageSense


Audit My SEO - AB TestingZoho PageSence allows you to measure your website’s critical measurements to understand your internet-based guests’ behavior. This allows you to give them a more personalized website experience that will ultimately boost your chances. With this device, you will want to finish A/B tests and conduct effective change rate optimization for your website.


The platform has an intuitive user interface and an impressively wide array of features, all for a low price. PageSense makes it easy for businesses to streamline the CRO cycle.


Best for: Zoho PageSense is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that offer types of assistance. Travel websites, SaaS companies, eCommerce, and digital marketing agencies.




Unbounce is a popular landing page creator that offers vital A/B testing tools to help you observe the best-performing pages on your website. This way, it can help you turn your website guests into leads, clients, and sales. For this, it offers a basic drag and drop proofreader that allows you to build and publish your own landing web pages rapidly and easily, without the requirement for a developer.


The testing device furnishes you with change intelligence bits of knowledge that enhance your abilities and instinct, conveying the best performance for each campaign. Unbounce is intended to do something specific: help you create and improve your website’s landing pages, and they do it extremely well.


Best for: Marketers, agencies, eCommerce, SaaS businesses searching for a landing page solution that is easy to utilize and expands changes.


 Adobe Target


Audit My SEO - AB TestingAdobe Target is a tool that offers rule-based testing and personalization. It can integrate with different platforms such as Google Analytics to create reports that you can use for UX testing, personalization, and making marketing offers. This integral asset increased Sprint’sSprint’s organization change by 22%.


With it, you will actually want to figure out the offers, encounters, and messages that engage your audience the most. The tool walks you through a basic 3-venture workflow to create the variant, target it according to guest segmentation, and alter the test goals and settings. The emphasis is on targeting, evident from the device’s intriguing automated personalization feature.


This enterprise A/B testing and personalization platform is best for medium to large businesses with prerequisites for large-scale, powerful testing.


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