Audit My SEO - A Guide to Private Blog Network Links in SEO

A Guide to Private Blog Network Links in SEO. Now PBNs, which also go by the name Private Blog Networks, are a beneficial tool for ranking your website. But there are people who hesitate to ask because they aren’t sure of what other people might think.


Now here we will discuss the technical side of things along with the myths, ethics, a bit of history, and our usual snark. So before using PBNs, one needs to understand how they work and with this, you can also better grasp how search engines operate in the digital world. In-depth knowledge is very important.


What do you understand by the word PBN?


A PBN is a network of websites that you use for linking out to increase the rankings of one or infinite websites.


How Do PBNs Work?


A PBN carries out its function by passing authority as links from several websites you are in authority to one or more other websites. We are all aware of the fact that the links work in the algorithms of search engines. The more links point to a specific web page, the higher quality those links are and the better that web page will rank.


But you need to understand that acquiring links is costly and time-consuming, so many marketers have opted to create their own websites so that they can then link to their other websites. In relation to the SEO industry, PBNs have evolved with time. But the quality of the content which we think to be of great value didn’t seem to have any influence on the PBN’s ability to increase rankings for the websites it linked to. This led to further experiments.


One of them was to create a platform that would produce a number of new pages, based on a set of basic content, each time a specific trigger was generated. In it, the experimenter set up 20 separate domains operating on this platform and within a few days, we could see that they had nearly 100,000 pages of the same rehashed content.


And here is the most exciting part:


The experimenter had created them all around a domestic business service and in less than two weeks they had completely taken over the first two pages of the search results. Today, some of the PBN strategies that are used to work have become obsolete. What is in trend are the authenticated websites with real, standard content that are self-sustaining.


In other words, they have a purpose beyond just being a node in a PBN. This means that the sole websites all produce the revenue required in order to aid their own maintenance or it may mean that they are isolated individual businesses in some cases.


The notion that we have of a PBN today is that a marketer will develop or acquire a number of websites that contain helpful, authenticated data and within that details, embed links to the pages they desire to rank better. 


And you can find this proper model used mostly in every niche and you will find everyone from one-person operations all the way up to the biggest firms globally find this technique to be useful. But you need to understand one thing and that is that the formula today requires both authenticated, standardized content published on the websites in a PBN and quality links from other websites pointing to the websites in that PBN.


The links are of great importance because a website with no inbound links has no command to pass so in this context it cannot improve the ranking of your other websites. But because developing a PBN that actually works today requires a real investment of time, money, and energy, it is often not that much expensive for minor businesses to develop their own. Or, to be more precise, their resources would probably be better spent in a number of ways. This leads many people to buy or rent links from someone else’s PBN.


Many link developers find it ideal to use PBNs because once their network is ready, it becomes easy to develop fresh links faster, and more economical for them. Alternatively, we can say that if you are outsourcing that part of your SEO, you might be consciously using PBNs and might not be aware of it.


This is applicable to the independent link developers all the way up to the biggest guest posting service firm that you might view constantly advertising in your industry. We cannot ignore a lot of SEO professionals in this context who claim that they haven’t done any mischievous acts but are in fact lying. Again a large amount of the links you can purchase on the gig websites that include People Per Hour are created on PBNs too. This does not mean it is a bad thing, but it only means that it is something you need to be conscious of because it comes with the potential risk of a human-made penalty if you get caught by the search engines.


Audit My SEO - A Guide to Private Blog Network Links in SEOFalse Notions 


There are a lot of unwanted beliefs about PBNs. If you are not aware of the truth, it could have a disastrous effect on your performance.


Now you might say that since you do not use PBNs, it won’t matter to you. But you need to understand that your competitors might be using them.


If you are not aware of what you are up against, then you will fully give your competitors an undue advantage. And that would be a foolish act.


Now many of you would wonder if you should use PBNs.


Audit My SEO - A Guide to Private Blog Network Links in SEOThe answer would mean it’s very simple. It completely depends on you whether you want to play it safe or aggressive enough to take the unwanted risks. Now there are some people who like to work in industries where the SEO background is likely uncompetitive whereas some others would brutally combat the competitors who are desperately desiring to do anything in order to go ahead.


Either you possess a strong technical background and have the required time, money, and resources to develop a PBN, or maybe you will need to invest comparatively more so that someone else does it for you.


This decision cannot be taken in the blink of an eye because you need to think of various factors before coming to a final decision. And once you have made up your mind about a certain decision, you need to stick to that till you receive the end result.


Some may take the decision in a moment.


This doesn’t mean you are unintelligent. It means the former decided quickly maybe because they have some experience in it and you don’t have the same.


So even if you are taking the time to make your decision, do not hesitate and take the decision wisely.


Finally, your decision would be based on your competitors, the potential dangers subsided with the reward and your level of risk tolerance. All of these need to be taken into consideration while making your decision.


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